Welcome To Stamford Park, Now Open!

Looking at these images, it’s hard to imagine that for thirty-two years the historic Stamford Park Homestead sat in a state of disrepair and neglect.

We take a tour through this opulent and celebratory renovation, that draws on both the past and present to create Melbourne’s freshest new hospitality venue. Restaurateur Jason Jones and his interior designer partner Brem Perera walk us through this unfolding property in outer Melbourne, where no detail is overlooked, and lush interiors mingle with sprawling market gardens.

Lucy Feagins

Welcome to the newly renovated Stamford Park Homestead Cafe, Restaurant and Grounds. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

The opulence of the past, mixed the contemporary design. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

No detail is overlooked in this incredible interiors fit out. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Following from the success of their previous restaurant fit-outs, sheer gold folds create movement and energy.  Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Restaurateur Jason Jones and interior designer Brahmen Perera in the renovated historic Stamford Park. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Ready to dine. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Modern detailing is mixed with the homestead vernacular. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

A minimal corner, in a chic and eclectic space. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

These stunning lights were handmade by Brahman. The form references servants bells, and the interior designer created mesh forms and plaster coasted them. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

The interiors combine history, authenticity and beauty. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

A glow of peachy light into the stunning restaurant. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Lucy Feagins
9th of May 2019

The historic Stamford Park Homestead in outer Melbourne is a 1882 property, built by the Row Family in classic 19th century style. In 1987, the homestead and surrounding property became unoccupied, and the site fell into dilapidation. Almost 30 years later, in 2016, when the opportunity came up with Knox City Council to revive the homestead, restaurateur Jason Jones and interior designer partner Brem Perera jumped at the chance to transform the property into a contemporary place of ‘hospitality, serenity and celebration.’ Introducing the Stamford Park Homestead cafe, restaurant and grounds.

Over three years, the duo has worked to bring new life to this historic property. Jason explains ‘the homestead had to be re-pinned, re-stumped, re-roofed, re-wired, new floors, every light had to be sourced, major cracked filled and repaired.’ A new extension includes a large commercial kitchen and bar, and the courtyard has been converted into a ‘secret garden.’ The extensive grounds have also been rejuvenated, to include a new market gardens and home for chickens, guinea fowl and ducks.

While the structural renovations and work on the grounds is impressive, what is most striking about this grand property is the richness of the interiors. The style takes inspiration from the tones and textures of the surrounding wetlands, references the rich history of the site, and brings a fresh, modern take on homestead hospitality. Plaster pendants, sheer gold drapery, bold contemporary artworks and painstaking handmade lighting (referencing old servant bells) create a layered environment with a sense of occasion!

Jason and Brahman spent years sourcing, collecting and commissioning pieces, and Jason highlights ‘its important in our designs that they speak about history, authenticity and beauty, and that they can sit comfortably alongside more bespoke contemporary pieces.’ In a home designed more than 130 years ago, this dynamic duo have created a truly unique new venue for Melbourne, with their own distinctly creative take on contemporary hospitality.

Stamford Park Homestead
Emmeline Row
Rowville, Victoria
Opening  Hours
Monday to Thursday 8am–4pm
Friday to Saturday 8am–6pm, and dinner from 6pm
Sunday 8am-6pm

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