The Cutest Cubby In Melbourne – Attic Magic!

Having your kids live in the attic sounds a little like Harry Potter being swept into the cupboard under the stairs by Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia!

This project in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak from  Windust Architecture x Interiors transforms the attic of a 1930s Arts and Craft home into a playful space, informed by ambitious and rule-breaking childhood vision. It isn’t often that a space is co-designed by people who aren’t yet eligible to vote!

Miriam McGarry

Castle in a cloud! The attic space by Windust Architects x Interiors. Photo – Eve Wilson.

A heritage home transitions into a modern attic conversion. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Custom designed interior architecture includes the bed heads and bedside tables, creating a complete aesthetic for the space.  Photo – Eve Wilson.

A built in desk in the converted attic. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Blue bedding in the cloud-like attic. Photo – Eve Wilson.

A dreamy secret kids space, away from the parental gaze! Photo – Eve Wilson.

Welcome to a new kind of attic. Photo – Eve Wilson.

The curved trinket storage column was designed especially for this space. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Bright tiles bring a joyful splash to the bathroom. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Bedroom detailing. Photo – Eve Wilson.

A window nook, to look out among the tree tops. Photo – Eve Wilson.

You would never guess the transformation that has taken place inside.   Photo – Eve Wilson.

The heritage home retains its external identity, with a hidden attic secret. Photo – Eve Wilson.

‘Attic Magic’ is the work of innovative design firm Windust Architecture x Interiors, who have created everyone’s childhood dream, of a ‘parent free zone’ at the pinnacle of the home. This renovation reimagines the attic typology, and architect Anthony Windust enthuses ‘it celebrates the minds of two children who inhabit it, while reimagining the humble attic as a dreamscape in the cloud’.

Not many architectural projects begin by inviting people who have not yet hit double digits to participate in the design process – but Attic Magic highlights the power of including imaginative ideas! Anthony highlights, ‘the children became the client. They were both sitting at the table as collaborators, and became fundamental in driving the design process.’

The childlike joy of having a secret, elevated, cloud grazing space is captured in the final design. It is a space for play, imagination and adventure – but the transformation took exceptional craftsmanship and design expertise.

The 1930s Arts and Craft home is heritage listed, and the full height limestone gable wall presents an arresting view in the streetscape. The challenge was to reimagine the cavernous but awkwardly shaped attic, without altering the external form.

The transformation sits within the heritage fabric of the home, but introduces a new bright and bold aesthetic and energy to the house. Andrew explains ‘a new connecting stair between the levels becomes a space to both draw upon the existing period language, and a space to transition from the conventional.’

Cabinet maker Chris Handley and Bluestone Upholstery worked with the architects to realise the kid’s vision for the space, and extend the architectural language into the fit-out of the space. Day beds, study desks, bed heads, bedside tables and the ‘trinket draw’ as custom made for the space, creating a true dreamland. A kids castle in the clouds!

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