A Spectacular Unfolding House Overlooking Sydney Harbour

No, its not the Sydney Opera House. This is the OTHER white structure on Sydney Harbour’s edge, the Crescent House by Matthew Woodward Architecture.

This sculptural and sharply detailed home plays with concrete and crisp white masonry to create a minimalist marvel… with one epic view!

Miriam McGarry

The street entry of the Crescent House by Matthew Woodward Architects. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Minimalist concrete, inspired by Tadao Ando. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Overlooking Sydney Harbour! Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Minimalism at its most refined. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

A clean colour scheme, with pops of green to connect with the outdoors. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Harbour views. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Inventive building and craftsmanship was required to execute this complex concrete residence. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Walk down to the waterfront ourdoor living area. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Shifting light and shadows creates a sense of drama and texture. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

A pool with a view of the harbour. Photo – Murray Fredericks.

Miriam McGarry
16th of April 2019

The Crescent House by Matthew Woodward Architecture in Vaucluse, Sydney is a new build on a site with a northern aspect, overlooking the Sydney Harbour with direct access to the foreshore. No pressure, then. Matthew explains that the design was created so that the house ‘appears as an unfolding white form, edged by garden courtyards and green roofs.’

The monochromatic structure plays with sharp lines and radical curves, and these sculptural elements help to gently guide residents and guests through the spaces. The voids open up the property at multiple scales, and create a dramatic interplay of shadows.

The materiality of the home is inspired by the serene concrete structures of Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Matthew explains ‘Ando was a large influence, in particular, his work on Naoshima Island. The craftsmanship portrayed in the execution of off-from concrete is masterful.’

Inspired by this concrete detailing, the ambitious design for the Crescent House required collaboration with countless craftspeople and consultants, as well as profiled polystyrene mouldings to achieve the complex geometry.

The result is a minimalist monochromatic home with sharp, lux detailing, that welcomes in colour and texture through multiple connections to the outdoors, and the introduction of lush greenery. Matthew reflects on the success of the design by quoting his clients, who commented that after their first summer living here, they couldn’t help but observe ‘the way light plays on various surfaces, and the way it changes throughout the day.’ Between this rolling light-show, the views of Sydney Harbour, and the bold architectural statements here – the Crescent House is a real show stopper.

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