A Brazilian Modernism-Inspired Masterpiece, In Queensland

This V-shaped home of two sweeping wings introduces some Brazilian flair to the typical Queenslander typology. While you might not imagine the  Sunshine coast and home of Gisele Bündchen that much in common… the sub-tropical climate in both places offered architect Shaun Lockyer and his clients a strong reference point.

This architect’s design response is inspired by Brazilian modernism, with a strong connection to the Mooloolah River context of this site. The strong external horizontal lines echo the direction of the river, whilst generously curving interiors soften and balance the inherent WOW-factor of this spectacular Queensland home.

Miriam McGarry

A Brazillian influenced Queenslander, the V House by Shaun Lockyer Architects. Photo – Scott Burrows.

This home opens out across two wings. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Sub-tropical Queensland skies. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Specifically designed for the Sunshine Coast climate, to allow the breeze in. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Interior curves of timber paneling and concrete. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Inspired by Brazilian modernism. Photo – Scott Burrows.

The living area in the V House by Shaun Lockyer Architects. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Step out the door straight onto the edge of the Mooloolah River. Photo – Scott Burrows.

The two seeping wings of the V House.  Photo – Scott Burrows.

Timber screens cast dancing shadows. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Clean modernist lines. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Welcome to the V House. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Welcome to the V House. Photo – Scott Burrows.

Architect Shaun Lockyer explains that the ‘V House’ takes its name from the floor plan. where the two arms of the home hug the boundaries of the property. This unusual design allows for a ‘transparent living pavilion that physically and visually connects the courtyard to the water beyond.’ Importantly, the design also allowed Shaun to execute the client brief to create a ‘Brazillian inspired home’ – on the Sunshine Coast!

The house in informed by the clients’ and architects’ shared love of Brazilian modern architecture. Shaun cites Marcio Kogan, Isay Weinfeld and Oscar Niemeyer as providing inspiring reference points. But beyond the aesthetic inspiration, buildings from the Brazilian modern movement offered relevance ‘with regards to climate and lifestyle, that makes this style sustainable in the context of South-East Queensland.’ This home is designed for lush sub-tropical living, to accommodate humid summers and dry winters.

The open lower floor is set against timber screened walls of the upper floor – taking the typology of the ‘Queenslander’ to new designer heights! Shaun describes these timber screens as providing a ‘textural, animated fringe of ever-changing light and shadow.’

The materials of concrete, timber and stone draw from both a modern and South-American palette, that Shaun describes as conveying a ‘poetic yet pragmatic’ response to the site.

The architect explains that the success of this arresting double-winged home is a combination of site, architectural expression, client support and budget. He highlights ‘the house was a thrill from the first telephone discussion, to the final completion, and represents equal to the best work that we have done.’


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