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Get Off-Grid With CABN

Do you dream of stepping away from your computer and living off grid in the bush… but know deep down that you would only last a week before craving a return to wine bars, flat whites and wifi? CABN might be the weekend escape for you.

Take an off-grid break, immerse yourself in a minimal Japanese/Scandi inspired cabin, only 1.5 hours out of Sydney in the stunning Kangaroo Valley.

Lucy Feagins

The off-grid Kangaroo Valley CABN. Photo – courtesy CABN.

Time to unwind and recharge in this Japanese and Scandinavian inspired get away. Photo – courtesy CABN.

Explore off-grid living. Photo – courtesy CABN.

The cabin nestles into the stunning NSW bushland. Photo – courtesy CABN.

Warm timber interiors . Photo – courtesy CABN.

The cabins are located 1.5 km from city centers. Photo – courtesy CABN.

Live simply, live well. Photo – courtesy CABN.

Off grid doesn’t mean candle light only! Photo – courtesy CABN.

Pack marshmallows. Photo – courtesy CABN.

Photo – courtesy CABN.

Photo – courtesy CABN.

Photo – courtesy CABN.

That bathroom though! Photo – courtesy CABN.

Photo – courtesy CABN.

Lucy Feagins
21st of March 2019

The idea behind CABN is to provide guests with an off grid destination, blended into the surrounding landscape, that offers an escape from the modern life. While moving to the country and growing tomatoes may be out of reach as a full time lifestyle shift for many, the owners of CABN suggest that a short break can reset and recharge even the most technology addicted visitor!

CABN promotes a minimalist lifestyle, even if only for a weekend. The design of the accommodation is inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian architecture, and Shane Laidlaw (head of Research and Development at CABN)  explains ‘I think these two cultures capture clean and simple spaces through beautiful use of timber, and the ability to create the feeling of space in small areas.’ The cabins are built from Australian timbers, linking the global design influence to a localised sense of place and connection to landscape.

CABN locations are all within 1.5 hours of a major city, but retain a sense of remoteness and isolation. Guests receive the exact address five days before they check in, as Shane promotes the idea of visitors arriving with a sense of curiosity and ‘readiness to immerse themselves in nature.’

If you are feeling burnt out by city living, or overly addicted to your social media account – then a weekend in a CABN might be the re-set you need. We can’t promise it will fix all of your concerns about modern society, but for a night or two, it just might take the edge off!

This CABN is located in Kangaroo Valley, NSW – but keep an eye on the website as more CABN’s pop up around the country!

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