Palm Springs-Inspired Pottery, Made in Adelaide

It’s no secret we’re big fans of handcrafted ceramics, and usually we feel pretty confident we know who’s who in the Australian ceramics world. But every now and then we make a brand *new* discovery, stumbling someone using clay in a way we haven’t seen before… and it totally re-ignites our enthusiasm for this age-old craft!

Today we chat with Adelaide based ceramic artist of Ebony Heidenreich, who is making not just eye-catching vessels, but a stunning series of handcrafted ceramic earrings, too.

Miriam McGarry

The Neutra Vase by Ebony Heidenreich. Photo- Dean Toepfer

Ebony’s work is inspired by Palm Springs architecture and desert landscape. Photo- Dean Toepfer

The Neutra Vase is stone, rust and brick stoneware. Photo- Dean Toepfer

Ebony employs architectural influences in her object design. Photo- Dean Toepfer

Ebony Heidenreich nestled among her latest ceramic range. Photo- Dean Toepfer

Stoneware hoops by Ebony Heidenreich. Photo- Dean Toepfer

Chubby Chains by Ebony Heidenreich. Photo- Dean Toepfer

Miriam McGarry
2nd of November 2018

For Adelaide based ceramic artist Ebony Heidenreich, an affinity for clay runs in the family. She describes ‘falling’ into her ceramics practice via a visual arts degree, and being inspired by her creative family of painters, musicians, builders, and an uncle who has worked as a potter for over thirty years.

After studying for six years, Ebony worked as a production glaze technician, assisting to produce ‘thousands and thousands of units for architectural projects’ which provided technical prowess, but a state of ‘mind numbing depression!’ Faced with a future of repetitive manufacturing, Ebony took the plunge into a career as a solo practitioner two years ago – and hasn’t looked back since!

Through the support of Adelaide’s Jam Factory associate program, Ebony has expanded her practice to explore more experimental modes of production, including post-production treatments of cutting, sanding, and shaping. Ebony’s latest range, the Raw Tableware Collection combines her well honed technical prowess, interest in modernist architecture and experimental practices.

Part of this new collection is the Neutra Vase, which Ebony explains takes its design cues for 1950’s Palm Springs! This stunning piece combines the clean modernism of Robert Neutra’s architectural designs, with desert landscape vibes. Beyond vessels and tableware, we’re also enthralled by Ebony’s unique wearable pieces – exquisite ceramic earrings in terracotta, black and speckled earth browns.

For Ebony, Adelaide’s liveability has provided an easy and beautiful place to live and work on her ceramics practice. She enthuses, ‘I feel so blessed to be a maker in this current day, and especially a ceramicist. I don’t think it’s ever been so easy to practice a craft and actually survive of it – the commercial reach is limitless – the ability to engage with people from all around the world at the click of a button and seeing people’s reawakening to handmade objects and desire to connect with materials and processes is awesome.’ This global outlook is reflected in Ebony’s own work – from Adelaide to Palm Springs!

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