Mesmerising New Ceramic Creations From Milly Dent

We’re all curious sleuths in some way… even if that just involves Serial or CSI. It’s not the case of an AWOL soldier or Sin City mishap that piques Milly Dent‘s investigative skills though, it’s porcelain!

The Sydney-based ceramicist opens her second solo exhibition, Blanc Feelings, at Paddington’s Saint Cloche tonight.

Elle Murrell

Sydney-based ceramic designer Milly Dent’s latest body of work. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

Blanc Feelings opens at Saint Cloche in Sydney tonight. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

The exhibition sees the ceramic designer take porcelain to new levels. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

Photo – Kelly Geddes.

Through it, Milly investigates material surface tension. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

Her pieces combine raw clay, gloss glaze and ethereal gold lustre. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

Milly has opted for a subtle colour palette of white (‘blanc’) and neutral tones. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

The unique pieces have been created via Milly’s innovative slip casting process. Photo – Kelly Geddes.

Elle Murrell
10th of October 2018

In her latest series, ceramic designer Milly Dent takes the investigation of her choice material to new levels. ‘This body of work, unlike my signature style, was led by my intrigue with porcelain’s reputation as a smooth and compliant clay, so each object in this series investigates material surface tension, with subtle shifts in finishes, from raw clay to gloss glaze to ethereal gold lustre,’ she explains.

This exhibition of vessels, vases and sculptural forms, entitled Blanc Feelings, is on display at Saint Cloche in Sydney from tonight. Atop their plinths, the pieces bond perpendicular lines with balanced fluid clay bodies. In varying degrees of thickness, roughness and whiteness, the diverse collection casts both light and shadow in captivating ways (as you can also witness in these beautiful pre-exhibition shots by Kelly Geddes).

With tactility and texture at the forefront, Milly has opted for a subtle colour palette of white (‘blanc’) and neutral tones. The innovative, handcrafted pieces have been created using a slip casting process, through which Milly explores experimental burn out methods, and utilises natural materials like wood chips, sawdust, cardboard, popcorn, sunflower seeds to create variation in the surface.

Blanc Feelings speaks to the literal surface, and its relationship to human touch,’ surmises the ceramic designer… ‘as well as personal sensitivity to feelings and emotions, or lack thereof.’

Blanc Feelings’ By Milly Dent
October 10th-21st
Saint Cloche
37 MacDonald Street
Paddington, New South Wales

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