An Interior Designer's Elegant Sydney Apartment

Watching Play School growing up, the highlight was always trying to guess which of the windows the presenters would take us through. The iconic line-up of the circle, arch and square, set against a pale blue background, was a visual cue for excitement ahead!

Interior designer Alexandra Ponting of AP Design House takes the iconic arch motif up a notch, in her stunning Woollahra apartment. Simplicity meets grandeur in this tranquil and elegant space.

Lucy Feagins

The serene apartment of Alexandra Ponting. Photo – Felix Forest.

Interior designer Alexandra Ponting, perched on her Positano inspired lounge chair. Photo – Felix Forest.

Treasured objects populate this calming apartment. Photo – Felix Forest.

Through the arches! Photo – Felix Forest.

The fire place is a favourite element for Alexandra. Photo – Felix Forest.

Photo – Felix Forest.

Lucy Feagins
13th of November 2018

The Woollahra apartment of interior designer Alexandra Ponting is a quiet and confident space, designed to provide an escape from the ‘go go go’ of the homeowner’s busy work lives. ‘Our home really needed to be a space of reflection and recharge’ she explains. The resulting space seamlessly blends artisanal details with a pared-back aesthetic, creating a sense of calm, with unique personality.

The home is filled with a lifetime of collected furniture and objects. Crisp white walls are complemented with a palette of neutral-toned furniture and textiles. Here and there, a bold pop of colour or unexpected texture offers depth and dimension. ‘I love how our collected bits and bobs dance amongst those glorious arches and the grand, yet simplistic fireplace’ Alexandra highlights.

Amongst her favourite treasures, Alexandra highlights custom-made items, a number of which were commissioned especially for the space. The sumptuous armchair with frilled skirt is a favourite new piece, inspired by a recent Italian holiday.

This refined European influence is evident in the design choices throughout the apartment, where understated elegance reigns supreme. Alexandra succinctly sums up her approach to interior design, as an art-form that equally pursues ‘function, comfort and beauty.’

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