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4 More Amazing Makers You Can Meet @Mercedes me!


Following our first series of brilliant Meet The Makers events at Mercedes me in Melbourne, today we unveil our next four events, taking place on select Saturdays and Friday mornings in October and November.

The creative line-up includes: chair-making virtuoso Bernard Chandley; paper crafter Magda Ksiezak; illustrator, designer and workshop whiz Beci Orpin; and ribbon rosette maker Leila Sanderson – tickets are $10, book your spot now!

14th September, 2018

Photo – Amelia Stanwix

Photo – Sarah Collins

Photo – Emily Weaving.

Photography – Annette O’Brien, Amelia Stanwix, Sarah Collins, and Emily Weaving.

Lucy Feagins
Friday 14th September 2018

We’ve just wrapped up four amazing creative events, demonstrations and workshops at Mercedes me, and it’s time to launch our second season of events!

Learn more about these incredible craftspeople from past TDF stories and studio visits: chair-making virtuoso Bern Chandley; amazing paper crafter Magdalena Ksiezak; illustrator, designer and workshop whiz Beci Orpin; and ribbon rosette maker Leila Sanderson.

The upcoming events are ticketed at $10 per session, with seats capped to just 30 per session, so book your spot now!

P.S. We’ll be hosting another four events in December through to early 2019, featuring a huge diversity of creative practitioners, from floristry to photography and styling… so stay tuned!


Mercedes me is a collaborative space in Melbourne’s CBD, where café culture meets Mercedes-Benz lifestyle. Stay up to date with their varied program of events by following

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