Making An Impact With ‘Simple Gestures’

A simple gesture is a warm and generous offering – a subtle extension with a large impact. It is coins for parking from a stranger, a lift home in the rain, a home cooked meal left on a doorstep. In this exchange, the simple gesture often carries an unexpected strength and weight.

This is the idea behind the exhibition Simple Gestures, opening tomorrow, Wednesday 28th November, and organised by Rhys Gorgol and Megan Voss.  The show is a curated lineup of diverse artworks from the best of Melbourne’s creative community, with an aim to raise over $200,000 for The Alfred Foundation, Melanoma Ward. Whether your budget is big or small, there is a work (and gesture) here for everyone to make an impact.

Miriam McGarry

Work by Scottie Cameron x Amiee Byrne.

Work by Kat Macleod.

Work by Kate Ballis.

Works from left to right: Tom Blachford, Max Berry, Lottie Consalvo (above), Brooke Holm (below). Photo – Ryan Wheatley.

Work by Max Doyle.

Work by Babak Ganjei.

Work by Design by Toko.

Work by Sean Fennessy.

Miriam McGarry
27th of November 2018

Simple Gestures is the third exhibition from local creatives Rhys Gorgol and Megan Voss, who have worked together to raise money for Youth with Cancer, after losing close friend Kristen Royce to the disease at only 23 years old. Co-founder Rhys Gorgol explains that this exhibition ‘started with an idea to re-vamp a cause that is close to myself and friend Megan Voss, but this has quickly grown with a bunch of amazing people putting their hands up to help out and contribute.’

The incredible line-up includes Anthony Lister, Caroline Walls, Jon Doubleday (UK), Kat Macleod, Tom Blachford, Bec Parsons, Max Doyle and Sean Fennessy, with prices ranging from $200 to $2000. Rhys explains that the artworks are ‘really diverse, from already established artists to those earlier in their careers, to Swiss design studios, American photographers, British painters and just about every other medium you can poke a stick at.’  The exhibition promises a gesture available to wide–ranging budgets and tastes.

In addition to the generosity of the artists who are participating in the exhibitions, generous gestures have been extended by Format Framing (artwork framing and printing), Studio Hi Ho (design), Masanao Hirayama (exhibition artwork), Fabiano Procopio (typography), Hungry Workshop (invitation printing) and Ball and Doggett (paper). Rhys highlights, ‘this year is going to be big, and we hope we can make a positive impact and bring together a lot of good people at the same time.’

In the lead-up to Christmas, Simple Gestures offers the opportunity to make a meaningful present selection, where purchasing an artwork by a local creative practitioner helps fund The Alfred Foundation.

Simple Gestures Exhibition
Opening Wednesday, November 28th 6pm-9pm
28th November – 2nd December
The Compound Interest
15-25 Keele Street Collingwood

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