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Get Picture Perfect With Format Framing

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Seventeen years ago Chris Pennings walked into Fini Frames, mistaking it for an art gallery, and asked for a job. Today, along with his brother Jason Pennings, Chris owns and operates the fine-art framers.

More recently, Chris and business partner Misha Glisovic (who previously spent 10 years as co-owner of Melbourne clothing label Schwipe and the affiliated Don’t Come Gallery) have launched an offshoot brand, Format Framing, providing an accessible and affordable print framing service.

13th April, 2018

The Format Framing/Fini Frames boys in their Cremorne studio. From left to right: Jason Pennings, Chris Pennings and Misha Glisovic. Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

All the frames are handmade in the Format Framing studio and gallery. Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

Chris first walked into Fini Frames seventeen years ago, thinking it was a gallery, and asked for a job. He never left! Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

The workshop/warehouse/studio/gallery/space in Cremorne. Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

‘Everyone who works here has backgrounds in either design or fine art, we are able to provide a high level of experience and apply it helping others get the best out of their own work.’ Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

Format Framing is the  ‘sister’  brand of fine-art framers, Fini Frames. Upload your image to their system and they will print, mount, frame and deliver! Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

‘All our frames are handmade in our studio and gallery in Cremorne. The locally sourced, Victorian Ash timber is cut, joined, painted and then all the elements are carefully assembled in the fitting room.’ Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

‘Keep it simple; don’t let the framing overwhelm the artwork. A good framing job should complement the work not be the focus,’ the boys advise.  Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis.

Photography – Annika Kafcaloudis.

Sally Tabart
Friday 13th April 2018

Chris Pennings and Misha Glisovic developed Format Framing, the ‘sister’ brand to Chris’ fine-art framing service Fini Frames, mostly because they were surprised it didn’t exist already.

From their backgrounds in the art industry, Chris and Misha saw a gap in the market for an accessible and affordable printing service and take care of everything from the initial image upload, to delivery upon completion.

Here’s how it works: users upload their desired image into the Format Framing server and choose a frame using the FrameBuilder tool. Chris, Misha and the team will then take care of the printing (a range of quality paper stocks are available), mount your print and carefully cut, join, paint and assemble your frame from locally sourced Victorian Ash. After that, the final product is delivered to your door. How easy is that?!

The service provides four tiers of standard sizes at affordable and accessible pricing, taking into account the needs of both artists and art buyers. In fact, most of the people in their Cremorne workshop are practising artists themselves. ‘Printing was usually done by the artist and the hassle of framing (plus often the shock of the cost) was left up to the buyer,’ Misha elaborates, ‘I saw a great opportunity to help artists by taking care of the whole process and allowing them to sell framed works online.’

For Chris, Format Framing responds to the way we all approach photography in the digital age. ‘I am particularly passionate about the fact that practically everyone is now carrying a camera around in their pocket,’ he explains, ‘I really wanted to encourage people to get some of those images off of their screens and onto their walls.’

We asked Chris and Misha to give us a few insider tips for fantastic framing.


Keep It Simple

Don’t let the framing overwhelm the artwork. A good framing job should complement the work, not be the focus.

Consider The Space

Think about the colours and finishes of other pieces the work will sit next to… but everything doesn’t have to be match matchy. Just because you have natural blonde timber floorboards doesn’t mean the picture you’re framing should also be framed in the same finish.

Visualise With Online Tools

Use our online FrameBuilder to upload a few different options, and compare the results before you commit.

‘I really wanted to encourage people to get some of those images off of their screens and onto their walls.’ – Chris Pennings. 

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