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New Year's Resolutions of a Filmmaker · Paris Thomson

Paris Thomson has all the answers. That’s not an exaggeration; we share an office and get to hear her perfect pitches and win-anyone-over responses on the regular.

In the hope that more of her amazing phone/life manner might rub off on us, and also interest you, we’re sharing the Piscean dreamer’s new year’s resolutions this afternoon!

Elle Murrell

Illustration – Ashley Simonetto.

Illustration – Ashley Simonetto.

Elle Murrell
25th of January 2018

Paris Thomson is the Founder and Motion Director of SIRAP, an awesome Melbourne-based motion production lab. She is one of those people that just has it all sorted – at 26! – and helms a stellar team to create some seriously stunning films. *We’re fortunate to work with her on many!

Paris is BIG on goal setting and the idea of approaching the new year as a blank canvas. ‘One of my favourite things about the closing of the year is the sense of excitement for the next; my ritual is to find a quiet corner between Christmas and New Year to put pen to paper and dream big of what could be (with a champagne, of course!),’ she tells.

During this time, PT likes to take a moment to lean into the past 12 months and ‘acknowledge the wins, learn from the hurdles and make a list of new goals,’ she explains. ‘My goals are a combination of day-to-day (like meditating) and bigger picture (like travel or creative projects).’

She was happy to tick off lots in 2017, ranging from creating more balance between shooting and socialising  (achieved, partly, by hiring a full-time Producer to support her growing team at SIRAP).

‘The Piscean in me is a big dreamer, but I believe commitment is key to achieving goals, so this year I limited myself to six goals only – short and sweet!’ she adds. ‘I’m also going to make a weekly reminder on my phone of these, so I’m constantly reminded of what I’m striving for!’

Always looking ahead and ever pragmatic, Paris has already locked in a mid-year review of her goals. ‘Things change, and if you allow the space to review your progress during the year you can also plan to shape your strategy as life’s curve balls jump out!’

Here’s an insight to half of her better-life/better-work ideas for 2018…

Study Italian

Last year I travelled through Italy and I was determined to pull out my schoolgirl Italian. Surprisingly, I remembered more than I thought. With another trip to Italy planned this year, I want to return with a local’s tongue, so I’m planning to take regular classes (I’ve heard Spritz or two also helps!).

Invest in Creative time

In 2018, SIRAP is investing in regular ‘creative lab’ studio time to allow us the space to keep evolving and testing new concepts. It’s important for us to keep challenging our aesthetic and approach.

Meditate daily

Meditation was a big part of my childhood, and whenever I practice meditation regularly, I gain balance and clarity both personally and professionally.

I always recommend the Smiling Mind app to my friends who don’t know where to start.

Bring a Random

I love introducing people, and I’m fortunate to have many amazing friends across different friendship groups. This year I want to host some soirée’s where each person has to bring along a guest that no one else knows. Nothing beats a mixed dozen!

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