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Top Podcasts to Listen To This Week


If we had a dollar for every time we heard ‘I just listened to this great podcast…’ around here, we’d be millionaires! Though they may seem like a relatively recent  medium, podcasts have actually been around for decades – the first episode of NPR’s popular ‘This American Life’ was released in 1995!

With the sheer volume of podcasts out there today, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why this month, we’re asking some of our most passionate and podcast-savvy team members what they listen to, and why.

First up is our wonderful small-business columnist, Fiona Killackey.

20th November, 2017

For business coach (and our beloved small business columnist!), Fiona Killackey, podcasts provide learning opportunities everywhere, all the time. ‘I am obsessed with podcasts. When don’t I listen to them?’ she says, ‘I just think they are one of the best mediums for learning ever!’

Living a little out of the city in Warrandyte, Fiona scores her morning commute with podcasts, and relishes using the otherwise inactive time to gain knowledge. As well as learning about things she doesn’t know much about, Fiona listens to a lot of marketing and business podcasts to stay engaged and up-to-date with developments in her field. ‘There’s no reason not to upskill or learn more about your industry when there are so many great podcasts out there’, she enthuses, ‘You can jump on the freeway and by the end of it know a few things you didn’t know before!’

As for Fiona’s top three podcast picks? ‘Only three?!? Ah, this is SO hard!’

On Being with Krista Tippet

‘It’s just so raw and beautiful, and a constant reminder that we are all trying to figure things out, regardless of how “together” someone may seem. Krista Tippett is insane at drawing out gold from people. I have laughed, cried and everything in between. Her interview with John O’Donohue was magnificent.’

On Being with Krista Tippet


‘A stock standard for anyone in business, but still an awesome resource. Guy Raz from NPR does a great job interviewing people behind brands we all love (think Instagram, Spanx, Vice etc.) and really gets the struggles of start ups. It totally changed my opinion about Vice and every interview gives me something to think about.’

How I Built This


‘I should admit I only listened to this at first as Beyoncé’s mum, Tina, was in the first episode and, well, anything Beyoncé… but now I love it! Janet is a fantastic interviewer and mixes up her guest list with celebrities (like Tina Lawson, Kris Jenner and Gabby Sidibe) as well as fashion designers and other podcasters. It’s not super serious and is a good one when I want to switch off from work for a while.’

Never Before with Janet Mock

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