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Maryanne Moodie x I Love Linen


Melbourne-based weaver Maryanne Moodie has teamed up with Lauren Roe of local bedding brand I Love Linen.

Together the duo has created a striking limited edition art quilt in French linen, which is released today!

16th November, 2017

Local weaver Maryanne Moodie and Lauren Roe of I Love Linen have teamed up. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

The duo have created the MM x ILL Quilt. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

Lauren and Maryanne with samples. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

The duo with their limited edition art quilt, which goes on sale from today. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

A bed dressed with The MM x ILL Quilt and other linens from I Love Linen. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

In luxurious pure French linen, the quilt champions Maryanne’s weave designs. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

Sampling details for the collaboration. Styling – Stephanie Stamatis, photography – Lauren Bamford.

Photography – courtesy of Maryanne Moodie.

Elle Murrell
Thursday 16th November 2017

Though incredibly diverse and productive, Melbourne’s creative scene is actually pretty tight knit. Melbourne weaver Maryanne Moodie and Lauren Roe of I Love Linen always moved in the same circles, so when long-time fan Lauren approached Maryanne to work on an art quilt, the maker was confident and excited about collaborating.

Even with Lauren relocating to the Northern NSW Hinterland, the duo continued to email back-and-forth for months, brainstorming and refining their ideas. ‘We wanted to make something beautiful as opposed to a massive production run; this was about doing something in limited quantity that is special,’ tells Lauren.

Lauren sourced luxurious pure French linen in new colours that champion Maryanne’s signature muted palette. This MM x ILL Quilt is produced in Shenzen, China, through a family-owned supplier with whom I Love Linen has been working for the past five years. ‘It’s safe to say this was the most complicated design they had ever attempted, given that most quilts are in one colour and a straight-forward square pattern,’ Lauren explains. ‘We opted for non-linear stitching because it further adds to the texture.’

This quilt isn’t the first time Maryanne has branched out from her signature woven wall hangings (having worked with Kuwaii on fashion and Arro Homewares for a rug collection), however she has felt a timely, personal connection to producing bedding. Having recently moved back to Melbourne from a stint in New York, the maker highlights linens as key to creating a real sense of home while abroad. ‘I try to be careful with my money, but I think bedding is something that can transform a space,’ she tells. ‘Plus, buying an art quilt allows you to have art work in your home that actually fits a utilitarian purpose.’ We’re sold on that win-win!

The MM x ILL Quilt is available from the I Love Linen website. Maryanne Moodie will be teaching some Christmas classes in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, which you can find out more about here.

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