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We’re super proud of the brilliant creative makers and independent retailers in our home neighbourhood of Collingwood.

In the first of two local-loving stories today, Melbourne homewares brand Lightly invites us to explore ‘Le Jardin’, their adventurous new in-house collection of contemporary lights, planters, soft furnishings and other homewares.

Elle Murrell

A table-setting featuring Lightly’s new in-house range ‘Le Jardin’, and other stocked labels. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

New soft furnishings, furniture, planters and lights from Lightly. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

Cindy-Lee invests months in the colour schemes for the Lightly ranges. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

‘The colour palette is quite brave for Lightly in some regards, but all of our designs are considered and timeless,’ tells Cindy-Lee. ‘We always aim to create something beautiful and bring something positive to the owner, while also being functional.’ Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

Lightly planter and tonal blooms. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

The brand is named after Cindy-Lee’s grandmother, Rosemary Lightly, and the pair’s relationship as well as Rosemary’s independent, resourceful spirit are at its heart. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

‘Last year saw us in the desert plains of India with Cinnamon Collection, this year we explored northern Africa,’ says Cindy-Lee. ‘We are more often that not inspired by a sense of adventure.’ Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

Planters of your dreams, all in various hanging styles, hues and sizes! Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

‘Making things with my hands hasn’t ceased to be exciting to me since my brother taught me to weld when I was 16,’ tells Cindy-Lee. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

Planter is an array of sizes and hues. Styling – Heather Nette King. Photo – Mike Baker.

Elle Murrell
8th of September 2017

Lightly’s latest collection, ‘Le Jardin’ (The Garden), is a bold exploration of colour and form, inspired by Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. Director Cindy-Lee Davies was captivated and heavily influenced by the North African Kingdom’s enchanting secret gardens and remote landscapes when she visited earlier in the year. ‘They are incredible oases of peace and tranquility – paradise on Earth with lush greens from all over the world, and earthy clay and ochre buildings, with the red of the Atlas Mountains in the background,’ she describes.

For all its valorous hues, Lightly’s new lights, planters, soft furnishings and other homewares remain timeless, championing functionality and bring wellbeing to the forefront of design. ‘I think people want a more effortless life, with a sense of balance and respite to their living spaces,’ surmises Cindy-Lee. She explains that ‘Le Jardin’ is really about enriching the lives of those who come into contact with her brand, through colour and comfort, but also by offering easy-living products that can help to create personal sanctuaries.

This approach is evident in Cindy-Lee’s scrupulous colour research; she spent months on the scheme for the new collection. Quality control is also a chief priority, and so she values small-batch, sustainable production. ‘Producing a quality product that will have longevity in someone’s home is way more important to me than being on trend,’ she says.

Alongside their in-house product ranges, Lightly has been busy investing in new local and international makers. ‘Relationships are at the core of the brand, and we’ve maintained our close ties with both our local factories in Australia and the artisans we work with overseas. At the same time, we’ve been building some exciting new ties with like-minded designers who we now stock in the evolving warehouse and showroom, including furniture from Scandinavian design house Muuto, Swedish Tre-Sekel and Tina Marie’s ceramics from Copenhagen along with our favourite Aussies,’ tells Cindy-Lee. She has also transformed Lightly’s upstairs showroom into ‘The Apartment’, a Copenhagen styled space that pairs pieces from these Nordic names with the Lightly collection.

Cindy-Lee is set to head overseas again soon to pursue new opportunities for her brand. ‘A sense of adventure ensures we are always exploring new horizons, literally and figuratively,’ she tells. ‘From working with new materials, to innovations in design and production, and to seeking out global inspiration, an adventurous spirit is what builds momentum and keeps the business moving.’

See the Lightly’s in-house collection online, here, or visit the showroom at 3 Glasshouse Road in Collingwood, Melbourne.

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