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Dulux's 2018 Colour Forecast

Colour forecasting has always felt a little like *magic* to us. What is this sorcery? Who decides which colours we’ll be using next year and beyond? How did ‘millenial pink’ become SO big, and will it ever go away?

Today we share Dulux’s 2018 Colour Forecast, an inspiring, vigorously researched annual exploration of the cultural trends set to influence design choices, for both industry professionals and consumers, in the coming year.

Conceptualised by Creative Director Bree Leech and Dulux’s Colour Planning and Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, the four 2018 palettes unveiled below are united by the overarching theme of ‘balance’.

Lucy Feagins

‘The Colour Forecast palettes have been curated to highlight the power of Dulux’s broad and flexible colour spectrum,’ tells Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux’s Colour Planning and Communications Manager. Dulux colours pictured (back to front) ‘Herbalist’, ‘Sassy’, and ‘Outrageous Red’. Gardenia Vases by Jamie Hayon for BD Barcelona at Ajar and bench seat by So Watt. Styling – Bree LeechPhoto – Mike Baker courtesy of Dulux.

Lucy Feagins
6th of September 2017


A contemporary hat-tip to a cultural heritage, the Kinship palette draws inspiration from diverse folklores, featuring earthy hues, as well as cosy, neutral shades.

Dulux colours pictured: ‘Clay Court’ (low column), ‘Mornington Half’ (medium column), ‘Elusive Blue’ (low wall rear), ‘Gnu Tan’ (tall column), and ‘Crystal Palace’ (column right front). Chummy Frizzy Pouf by Opinion Ciatti at Space Furniture. Styling – Bree LeechPhoto – Mike Baker courtesy of Dulux.

Dulux colours pictured: ‘Terrace White’ (wall and ceiling) and ‘Clay Court’ (stair detail). Styling – Bree LeechPhoto – Lisa Cohen courtesy of Dulux.


Borne out of a growing global appetite for a simpler, more authentic existence, Essential is strongly informed by the minimalist movement and Danish Hygge trend.

The result is a calming palette of pale hues, referencing natural materials, imperfect finishes and raw forms.

Dulux colours pictured: ‘Friends’ (background throughout), ‘Soft Fresco’ (flooring throughout), ‘Purple Balance’ (purple wall), ‘Sir Edmund’ (round plinth), ‘Solution’ (rectangle plinth), ‘Bondi’ (porthole wall), ‘Carmen’ (side wall) and ‘Cuticle Pink’ (bulkhead).Federation Cube by Porcelain Bear. Buds 3 table lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni for Foscarini and SPO1 Jeanette Chair by Space Furniture. Styling – Bree LeechPhoto – Mike Baker courtesy of Dulux.


In stark contrast to the ‘Essential’ palette, Escapade is extravagant escapism in a colour-way. Taking cues from tropical destinations and 1980s style, this palette offers pale mints and pink hues for a holiday-vibes palette that’s at once nostalgic and futuristic.


This moody palette re-envisages the bold eclecticism of the 1960s and 1970s, while also drawing from classic 1940s and 1950s style. ‘Reflect’ is a trend which spans succulent greens to warm shades of pink,  greyed-off purple hues and what’s sure to emerge as favourite to rival ‘millennial pink’:  avocado green.


To find out more about the 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast and research behind the trends, or to view the full colour palettes, visit the website, here.

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