Yellow Diva

After almost 10 years between updates, today we talk with Melbourne-based and made furniture brand Yellow Diva.

Based in Footscray, and run by husband-and-wife duo David Walley and Felicity Joll, the brand will be showcasing their latest pieces at Denfair in Melbourne this Thursday.

Elle Murrell

The Milker range, including the new Milker Dining Chair by Yellow Diva. Photo – Marina Ivanovic.

‘The most obvious evolution is just how many more products we have in our collection nowadays,’ tells Creative Director Felicity. Pictured here are designd from Yellow Diva’s CP Series. Photo – courtesy of Yellow Diva.

The Milker Chair pays homage to European provincial furniture, and David drew on his own Swiss-Italian heritage to reimagine an archetypal folk piece for the contemporary design. Photo – courtesy of Yellow Diva.

The tactile nature of Yellow Diva‘s designs is evident its CPC17 chairs  Photo – courtesy of Yellow Diva.

Elle Murrell
6th of June 2017

UK-born architect Felicity Joll and Australian industrial designer David Walley are the duo behind the adventurous Melbourne-made and assembled furniture studio Yellow Diva. Felicity, the brand’s Creative Director, and David, co-founder and Design Director, first crossed paths at the most iconic of British institutions, the BBC!  Both spent time here working in art direction for film and TV, but it wasn’t long before the pair began to collaborate on what would later become Yellow Diva. ‘In those days, it was more of a side project between films, but when we relocated to Melbourne, Yellow Diva became our sole focus,’ Felicity explains.

The brand’s signature is rich minimalism, with a strong sculptural influence. ‘The tactile nature of our designs is very important to us, and this often manifests itself in the silhouette of the product – the CP Series of woven rope ottomans in particular have a very sculptural quality,’ tells Felicity.

At Denfair, Yellow Diva will be launching new pieces from their Milker 4 range. The new Milker Dining Chair pays homage to European provincial furniture. ‘When designing Milker chair, David drew on his own Swiss-Italian heritage to reimagine an archetypal folk chair, with a distinct contemporary slant,’ details Felicity. The chair features a subtle splash of colour, nestled between the two halves of the split timber backrest. At the fair, Yellow Diva will also unveiling new Facet ottomans, which reference classic gemstone cuts, as well as showcasing designs from their impressive archive.

‘Our pieces all share a common thread, they are statement pieces with individual character and energy’ explains Felicity. She and David are inspired by Australian design, and in particular the inroads local designers are making in the international market. ‘The Melbourne design scene is very healthy at the moment, which although exhilarating, also makes it highly competitive,’ Felicity adds. ‘We are a small but ambitious studio, continually juggling diverse projects and determined to keep developing original, thought-provoking products!’

Later this month Yellow Diva will launch a new website including new products available through an online shop. Stay up-to-date with developments here.

Husband-and-wife design duo, Felicity Joll and David Walley of Yellow Diva. Photo – courtesy of Yellow Diva.

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