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It can be hard to keep up with the release of apps and software to support your creative business. Today, we talk top apps with a tech-savvy trio of creative entrepreneurs.

Featuring Founder and Motion Director of SIRAP Paris Thomson, Director of the Jacky Winter Group, Jeremy Wortsman, and Designer/ Brilliant Boss Lady, Bonnie Ashley of Bonnie and Neil.

The Design Files

Paris Thomson is the Founder and Motion Director of Melbourne-based motion production lab SIRAP. The way her team works has significantly evolved as the digital landscape has shifted. ‘Tech is at the heart of our approach, and the ability to incorporate apps and specialist software into our workflow has allowed us to focus on the creative. It has also changed our clients’ worlds, and in turn has impacted on the nature of motion content we produce, as well as how our audience interacts with it,’ she tells. Aside from Sun Seeker, the Dan Murphy’s app is Paris’ close runner-up! ‘This industry is thirsty work! Whether it’s client catch ups or crew wrap ups, we can easily find something nice and have it delivered straight to our studio door.’ Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files.

Jeremy Wortsman is he Founder and Director of The Jacky Winter Group, which offers complete creative services from illustration to animation and photography, and represents over 100 talented creatives! He places a priority on effectively harnessing and experimenting with tech innovations – like Textexpander – through his business. ‘There’s so much out there now, which actually creates more problems than it solves. There are some great apps and frameworks that are really on the leading edge, and if used properly, these can give your business a huge boost’ he explains. You have to constantly be on the lookout and learning the know-how to separate the wheat from the chaff!’ Photo – Sarah Collins for The Design Files.

Bonnie Ashley is the Co-founder of Bonnie and Neil, a locally-made homewares business that has over 80 stockists in Australia and 18 internationally. ‘Asana has specifically helped with our studio screen printing production, as we make a wide range of products at different times of the year. It’s a visual way of keeping track and planning each day in the studio – right down to the stock-keeping, how many of each item to print, adding technical notes on how to print each design and photos of the process,’ Bonnie explains. ‘Completing each task and getting through what’s on Asana gives the whole team a sense of achievement!’ Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files.

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