The Plant Room

Continuing in the theme of gardens and greenery to admire, this afternoon we visit Sydney store The Plant Room.

Cultivator and designer Emma McPherson takes us though her unique showroom, workshop and nursery space which opened in Manly last year.

Elle Murrell

Inside Sydney plant and design store, The Plant Room. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

The Plant Room, featuring a showroom, retail space, workshop area and nursery, opened last year. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

Plants and handmade natural items from local and international makers on display. ‘The Plant Room is everything I love in one room and a beautiful place to hang!’ tells Emma. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

‘In the 70s, most houses were filled with plants, and then the minimalist 90s hit and most of those plants ended up as compost… As a society, I feel we’re becoming more conscious, and I think living with plants is a part of the shift towards conscious living,’ says Emma, when asked about the indoor greenery ‘craze’. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

Plants and pots to covet! According to Emma, plant care is all about watering your plant’s like you’re the rain, feeding them like you do your children, and cutting off their dead bits like you do your hair! Photo – Pablo Veiga.

Cultivator, designer and founder of The Plant Room, Emma McPherson. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

Inside the showroom. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

Elle Murrell
8th of May 2017

‘Everything you need for an inspired life, in one spot!’ This was the dream of Emma McPherson, when she founded The Plant Room late last year. Her ‘mixed-bag’ venture stocks plants alongside ceramics, furniture, artwork and artisan products from local and international makers. And despite its singular name, it also offers collaborative workspaces and a nursery, in addition to its main retail concept.

The initial idea was ignited by a conversation Emma had with a friend on the importance of living with nature, rather than separate from it. With a diverse background including stints in the hospitality industry, as well as working in psychotherapy, Emma first began planning her new creative direction in 2014, eventually opening The Plant Room in 2016.

‘We don’t define ourselves as a plant store, or a homewares store, or collaborative workspace. People drop in and have cups of tea with us, they buy plants, they buy furniture, they do workshops,’ Emma explains. ‘We’re not about selling, we’re about growth.’

The Plant Room holds workshops to do with plants and personal growth, is planning charitable community events, and offers interior design and styling services. The space is also available for photo shoots and events.

Emma McPherson pictured in her showroom, The Plant Room. Photo – Pablo Veiga.

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