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Wise Women · Zoë Foster Blake

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017 today March 8th, we’re sharing wisdom from inspiring Australian creative women all week!

Today we’re all ears for Zoë Foster Blake, a hugely successful multitasker (published author, Go-To skin care founder and creative director, columnist, blogger, Beyoncé-rivalling-birth-announcement maker, and more…) Below she talks team spirit and the power of mindset – whilst managing to garner more laughs than there are questions!

Zoë Foster Blake

Journalist, author and entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake. Photo – courtesy of Zoë Foster Blake.

Zoë Foster Blake
8th of March 2017

Wise words from journalist, author and entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake.

On the advantages of having a female-centric workplace…

There’ll always be a tampon when you need one. Also, there’s a deep respect for flexibility, family and work-life balance. We have a great sense of team spirit, understanding, support and strong communication. Plus emoji. Lots of emoji.

On being a woman and managing my own company…

I’m more your classic founder/creative director lunatic, devising ludicrous product and marketing concepts that throw the whole gorgeous team into chaos. Cute! Go-To has a male managing director, Paul. He’s far better at people management than I am. He’s a five-star communicator, very perceptive, and highly emotionally evolved: this makes for excellent management, no matter your gender.

On the best advice…

‘Be kind to everyone you work with.’ I can’t remember who said it – someone in women’s mags when I first started at Cosmo – but it’s salient advice. (As is being kind in general, obviously).

The intern can become the boss, the boss can disappear, and you might really need that publicist’s help one day. So, you know, don’t be a jerk.

On ‘Mum’s always right’…

Mum taught me the power of the subconscious mind when I was just a peanut. ‘What you think about, you bring about,’ she’d say. Your words become your world, your thoughts create your reality, and so on. She’s right, and I live by it: good or bad, your thoughts, beliefs, and words influence your reality.

On what I wish I always knew…

To buy some Google and Apple shares. Also, while I’m a loud and caps locky advocate for starting a business on ideas and momentum alone, some business acumen wouldn’t have hurt. That said, it’s all learning, and I’m still young. (Around 22, I think).

On what we need to achieve greater gender equality…

Equal pay for equal work, obviously, but also the elimination of discrimination based on gender.

I’ve been lucky to work in very supportive, female-centric industries for a long time, and I’ve reaped the benefits.

I’m professionally and personally confident, I have work-family balance, and I’ve never experienced any barriers to leadership roles or participation at any level. I wish this for every woman.