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Wise Women · Kemi Nekvapil

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017, we’re passing on some sage advice from Wise Women in this special series, which is running until Sunday!

Today we take some invaluable wisdom from Kemi Nekvapil, an accredited life coach, speaker and author. Born in the UK, Kemi has also worked in advocacy, as an actor and as a yoga instructor. Her bold mission in life is to empower women to flourish and thrive.

Kemi Nekvapil

Accredited life coach, speaker and author Kemi Nekvapil. Photo – courtesy of Kemi Nekvapil.

Kemi Nekvapil
9th of March 2017

Wise words from accredited life coach, speaker and author Kemi Nekvapil.

On the advantages of working in a predominantly female industry?

We are incredibly multi-layered, and although we all have different back stories, most of us want the same things, purpose, connection, fulfillment and joy; it is a privilege to walk alongside a women as she creates what that looks like for her and her life.

On the challenges of being a woman in her field…

As an accredited life-coach, I have not experienced any challenges here. As a professional female speaker though, there are still issues in regards to representation of women full-stop, especially women of colour.

On the best advice…

As a thought leader you will be cut down by others. Keep leading anyway.

On inspirational women…

My good friend Samantha Gash inspires me daily, her intelligence, humour and fearlessness keeps me on my toes.  Another great friend, Debra Ojumu, is the founder of a model and film agency for men and women of colour; she boldly filled a huge gap and her agency is flying!

On ‘Mum’s always right’…

My first foster mother told me that country music musicians tell the best stories. #truth!

On girl power…

I’m hiking with my nine-year-old daughter and telling her that in some industries women get paid less for doing exactly the same job as a man. She stops in her tracks turns to me and looks me straight in the eyes and says: ‘That has to stop!’

I believe we are raising a fiercely compassionate generation of girls.

On what I wish I always knew…

You do not have to follow the rules made by others when creating your work life. Be of service to yourself first, so that you can be of service to others in a sustainable and enduring way.

On what we need to achieve greater gender equality…

I would like to see women asking for more. Asking for a place at the table, asking for the raise, asking for… flexible hours, asking for the biggest piece of cake in the cabinet.

No one knows what we want until we ask for it.

Kemi Nekvapil is hosting her annual live event Flourish – From Surviving to Thriving  this Saturday March 11th in Melbourne.