The Bedhead Co.

Today we introduce The Bedhead Co., a new business venture from Mother-and-Daughter team Sally and Alex Thompson.

Based in Sydney and Brisbane respectively, Alex and Sally have joined forces to offer customers a range of custom-made bedheads, which ship nationally from their workshop in Brisbane. Their business launched just last week!



Lucy Feagins

‘Whitehaven’ bedhead in ‘Timeless Grace Parchment’ by The Bedhead Co. Photo – Villa Styling.

‘Como’ bedhead in ‘Haven Indigo’ by The Bedhead Co.  Photo – Villa Styling.

‘Vermont’ bedhead in ‘Haven Shell Pink’. Photo – Villa Styling.

Alex and Sally Thompson of The Bedhead Co. Photo – Esteban Rivera.

Lucy Feagins
27th of March 2017

Creative businesses often start as a side project. Such is the case for Sydney-based Alex Thompson, who works as a lawyer by day, but has spent the past year developing a brand new business, The Bedhead Co., which she launched just last week.

The Bedhead co. is a collaboration between Alex and her mother Sally Thompson. ‘We have always had a love of interiors and beautiful fabrics, but the idea really developed when I was looking for a custom made upholstered bedhead for my bedroom’ explains Alex. ‘I wanted the freedom to design it myself’.

After going through a longwinded process to create her own bedhead, Alex saw an opportunity. She found that a lot of friends and family were keen on making something similar, but didn’t know where to start. After fielding many requests, Alex and Sally decided to start a business that they could run together.

The pair are relishing the opportunity to work as a team, and to bring their complementary skill sets together. With a background in the arts, Sally brings a distinct eye for design to the partnership, whilst Alex brings the business acumen gained from her experience working as an in-house legal counsel. ‘It is wonderful to have the constant connection, we have always been very close.’ Alex says. ‘Having a business together adds another layer to the relationship and reveals some unknown strengths.’

For their debut range, Alex and Sally have been inspired by the aesthetic of British designer and hotelier Kit Kemp of the Firmdale Hotel group. ‘We love the way each of the rooms she curates tells an individual story!’ says Alex. The pair also draw inspiration from Brisbane-based interior designer Mary Durack.

The Bedhead Co. allows clients to design their own custom-made bedhead from a range of styles and fabrics, or to purchase a ready-made bedhead. There are eight different styles on offer, alongside the ‘Bambino’ range for kids. All the bedheads are made in Brisbane.

‘Napa’ bedhead in ‘Maharaja fabric’ by The Bedhead Co. Photo – Villa Styling.

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