Amanda Dziedzic · I Dream a Greenhouse

We are always excited to see what local glass artist Amanda Dziedzic has been working on, and her latest series is no exception.

This week, Amanda’s first solo exhibition opens at JamFactory in Adelaide, with a collection of works that explore her fascination with the garden.

Lisa Marie Corso

Glass works by artist Amanda Dziedzic. Photo – Haydn Cattach.

Glass works by artist Amanda Dziedzic. Photo – Haydn Cattach.

Glass artist Amanda Dziedzic at work. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Glass artist Amanda Dziedzic. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Lisa Marie Corso
17th of May 2016

Amanda Dziedzic knows a thing or two about glass. Working out of her Brunswick studio, Amanda is a full-time glassblower and artist, who makes incredible sculptures, vessels and ornaments in glass. Her signature aesthetic has always been a little quirky – alongside her hugely popular glass ‘bonsai’, she’s also known for her ‘glass garden’ creations, including prickly glass cacti and surprisingly realistic glass veggies!

After training for many years as an associate at Adelaide’s JamFactory, followed by glassblowing residencies in Scotland and Japan, this week Amanda celebrates her first solo exhibition. For the past three years, she has been working on new techniques to bring to life a series of delicate pieces inspired by her love of nature. The series, aptly titled I Dream a Green House, explores the fragility and fleeting nature of plant life, in a tactile and permanent glass state – Amanda has made life-like leaves, celery stalks and plant stems.

The natural world has always been a solid source of inspiration for all Amanda’s glass works.  ‘It fills my waking life with inspiration and joy, and creeps into my dreams at night’ she says. ‘We are all a collection of our experiences. For me, this series is like my own personal album of memories related to plant and vegetable forms.’

Following this week’s exhibition, Amanda is working towards on a group show later in the year with glass artist Danielle Rickaby, and jewellers Lauren Simeoni and Mel Young.

I Dream a Green House by Amanda Dziedzic
19th May until 3rd July
JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design
19 Morphett Street
Adelaide, SA

Glass works by artist Amanda Dziedzic. Photo – Haydn Cattach.

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