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SUCH an inspiring story today, people!

We find stories about creative entrepreneurs incredibly uplifting at the best of times, but today’s is particularly impressive! Respected Melbourne artist and long-time TDF fave Kirra Jamison has just launched a seriously ambitious side project. Good Vibes Yoga is Kirra’s very own yoga studio – opened just this month in Northcote,  after more than a year in development.

We do love a busy creative lady who just knows how to get things DONE. Hats off to you, Ms Jamison!

Lucy Feagins

Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote, founded by respected Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison (that’s Kirra’s pup Lulu too!). Photo – Brooke Holm.

Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote, founded by Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote, founded by Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote, founded by Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote, founded by Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Beautiful bathrooms at Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Kirra Jamison, founder of Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Northcote. Photo – Brooke Holm.

Lucy Feagins
29th of September 2015

If you watched our ‘Melbourne Mornings’ film documenting Melbourne artist Kirra Jamison’s morning routine earlier this year, you would know that yoga is a huge part of her life, and is central to her productivity and creative practice.

But having a passion for yoga and practising it every day just wasn’t enough for Kirra. After taking classes at countless Yoga studios across Australia and overseas for a number of years, Kirra has long held a dream to create her very own yoga studio – and what do you know, she’s gone and done it!

Good Vibes Yoga is Melbourne’s newest yoga space, and boy is it beautiful! Occupying a deceptively tranquil, light-filled space on High Street in Northcote, the studio has been meticulously designed by Kirra with her friend, local architect Leo Dewitte. Together, they have created a truly impressive serene, minimalist space, where every tiny detail has been painstakingly considered.

Kirra worked closely with a number of talented local designers to fill her premises with carefully considered details. Local cabinetmaker Vince Conboy of Cenzo made the bespoke solid timber reception desk and bench seats, lighting has been provided by local design studio Dowel Jones, and Kirra designed the organic linen meditation cushions and bolsters herself and had them made locally. Kirra’s close pal, florist Katie Marx sourced a range of beautiful lush plants which fill the space, and will continue to deliver fresh flowers each week. Finally, local designer and illustrator Beci Orpin created a crisp new logo for Good Vibes, whilst Melbourne graphic design studio A Friend Of Mine designed the website and other digital elements.

‘Growing up in Byron, I have always been surrounded by Yogis, but I started practicing seriously about 4 years ago, as a way to build strength and alleviate back pain that was a consequence of painting massive canvases day in and day out’ says Kirra. Yoga quickly became a huge part of Kirra’s life, and she found herself travelling across Australia and further afield in the pursuit of the perfect space in which to practice. ‘I want to create a setting that respects the traditions of yoga, while giving clients and teachers a lovely contemporary space to develop their practice and community’ says Kirra of her new project. ‘I’m looking forward to watching the community grow, and to finally having all of my favourite yoga teachers under the one roof!’

Good Vibes Yoga run a range of classes suitable for beginners through to more experienced yoga devotees. They also run a guided meditation class on Sunday evening which is a not for profit class – all proceeds from this weekly session are donated to The Gwailor Children’s Charity in India.

Good Vibes is open seven days, the class schedule can be found here. The best way to book is via the Good Vibes Yoga app, downloadable from the app store!

Good Vibes Yoga Studio
116 High Street
Northcote, VIC

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