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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
20th of May 2014
New jewellery designs by Melbourne designer Abby Seymour. Photo- Tara Pearce, Styling - Stephanie Stamatis.
New jewellery designs by Melbourne designer Abby Seymour.
Abby Seymour at work in her studio. Photo - Tara Pearce. Styling - Stephanie Stamatis.
Abby Seymour wearing a few of her beautiful pieces. Photo- Tara Pearce, Styling - Stephanie Stamatis.
You may recall the work of Melbourne printmaker / designer / jeweller Abby Seymour, who we first discovered many moons ago when she was working in partnership with her friend Katherine Wheeler on a beautiful little range of accessories and handpainted ceramic homewares under the name GoldenInk.  In 2012 the two parted ways amicably to concentrate on personal projects, and for Abby this meant spending some time developing an exquisite new range of handcrafted jewellery under her own name. Abby originally studied printmaking, and was a professional bookbinder for a number of years, working for one of the last remaining traditional book binding businesses in Australia, before launching her own creative practice. 'I guess you really could say printmaking was my first love, and not one I have forgotten' says Abby of this formative time. While jewellery is her current focus, Abby's creative practice is still quite multifaceted, covering jewellery, print and objects. Her jewellery, and in particular the new Dots and Dashes collection (pictured here), is heavily influenced by her printmaking background. 'My illustration and mark making techniques carry over all the mediums I employ. They all feature some sort of handmade impression and mark' says Abby. Most of Abby's jewellery skills are self taught. Her former business partner Katherine Wheeler is a trained silversmith, so Abby was fortunate to learn some key techniques whilst working with Katherine, but otherwise she has immersed herself in research and experimentation to obtain the techniques required to create her own jewellery. Though we've pictured mainly her designs in gold here, Abby uses a diverse range of materials including handpainted porcelain, sterling silver and brass. Up next for Abby is the release of a new collection of porcelain objects and vessels, embellished with her distinctive hand-painted detailing.  She is also looking forward to creating a series of new prints on paper.  Abby also runs popular hand-painting and forming porcelain workshops in which she shares her skills and process with participants, and has plans to add some new collaborative workshops over the coming months.  Keep an eye on her website for more details! On that note, Abby has a brand new website, designed by local designer Tom Fitzgerald of Guvnor (also responsible for this stellar website) and featuring photos by Tara Pearce and Stephanie Stamatis.  SUCH a beautiful result involving so many talented local creatives! Abby's jewellery and other creations are available to buy in her online store. AbbySeymour-horizontal
New jewellery designs by Melbourne designer Abby Seymour. Photo- Tara Pearce, Styling - Stephanie Stamatis.
Abby's new recently launched website designed by Guvnor. Photo - Tara Pearce. Styling - Stephanie Stamatis.

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