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The latest jewellery collection from Alice Tsakirakis of The Line of Sun sees the red dirt, volcanic and rocky textures of the Australian Outback emulated in textured metal forms.

The Melbourne-based jeweller just dropped her ‘Formation’ collection – a range spanning rings, necklaces and earrings, in gold and silver with Australian sapphire embellishment!

Elle Murrell

‘Formation’ is latest jewellery collection from The Line of Sun. Pictured here: Molten Hoops and Molten Necklace in gold. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

The Melbourne-based label was founded by Alice Tsakirakis in mid-2012, during her maternity leave. Earthen Rings in gold and silver. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

I set all of my stones by casting them directly into the wax, which means that every piece is created completely from scratch,’ explains Alice. ‘It can be risky as I don’t always know how it’s going to come out from casting and sometimes stones can be lost in the process, but I love how unpredictable it is.’ Motlen Necklace and Earthen Necklace. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

Staple Signet in silver and Earthen Rings. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

Jeweller Alice Tsakirakis founder of The Line of Sun‘Whether in illustration, painting or ceramics my style has always been similar in that I like to celebrate the imperfections of the process and the medium,’ says the designer. ‘My jewellery definitely reflects this, and whilst always evolving I think this will always be the focus of my work.’ Photo – courtesy of The Line of Sun.

Model wears Geode Earrings in gold. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

Model wears Staple Signet. Molten Necklace in gold and Earthen Necklace in silver. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

Model wears Earthen Rings in gold. Styling – Alice Tsakirakis. Photo – Jess Brohier.

Elle Murrell
7th of December 2017

Alice Tsakirakis’ jewellery is raw, highly textural and purposefully imperfect. After launching her label, The Line of Sun in mid-2012, The 28-year-old Melbournian has just unveiled her new collection ‘Formation’.

Comprised of eight designs, spanning rings, necklaces and earrings, the collection heros Alice’s obsession with Australian sapphires, which are set using the precarious cast-in-place technique and delicately ‘excavated’ out, appearing as though they are being discovered for the first time. ‘The textures of the rocks found in Australia made me want to be able to recreate this in metals, and it all stemmed from there,’ tells Alice, who is a devout worshipper of Melbourne Museum’s gemmology collection.

A self-taught jewellery designer, with a background in visual communications and textile design, Alice found her craft while in search of a hands-on-activity and way to spend less time glued to a computer screen (though she admits she was a YouTube sponge and dedicated trial-and-error girl in the early days). ‘I learnt about the process of carving wax and casting metals, and was immediately obsessed’ the designer explains. ‘I loved that I could create little sculptures that I could actually wear!’

Though establishing  The Line of Sun years earlier, Alice really got things rolling while on maternity leave from her part-time textile-design gig. She was so determined to not have to go back to work, that she was out in our studio garage every second her little boy Van was asleep. ‘Learning, practicing and creating… I utilised time like never before,’ recalls Alice, ‘and the more I explored different methods of making jewellery, the more I knew it was what I needed to do.’

Sharing the studio space with her furniture-making husband (and lots of sawdust!), Alice makes every piece by hand, and she loves that the wearer can see and feel the handwork that has gone into their own, unique piece. ‘People are so used to buying new “stuff” that they have forgotten how lovely it is to treasure something, knowing how much time and love has gone into creating it,’ the maker muses. ‘It can be challenging to compete against a mind-set of fast fashion, but I think people are slowly seeing the value of investing in pieces that will last a lifetime, rather than just a season.’

Find out more about Alice Tsakirakis’ The Line of Sun jewellery, and custom custom engagement and wedding rings on her website. Keep your eyes peeled for a new collection of pearl embellished designs in the works.

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