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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
5th of September 2013
Handcrafted ceramics by Melbourne based Andrew Davidoff.  Photo - Clare Plueckhahn.
Handcrafted ceramics by Andrew Davidoff.  Photo - Clare Plueckhahn.
Melbourne ceramicist Andrew Davidoff in his Pascoevale studio.  Photos - Clare Plueckhahn.
Details from the studio of ceramicist Andrew Davidoff.  Photos - Clare Plueckhahn.
Another amazing local ceramicist for you today!  Sorry, not entirely balanced, as we've shared a few amazing potters lately... what can I say, there's not a great deal of structure imposed on our research process - when someone blogworthy pops up on our radar, we pounce! Andrei Davidoff is a Melbourne based ceramic artist and sculptor, who works from a backyard studio in Pascoe Vale. Originally born and bred in Sydney, Andrei initially undertook a Chemical Engineering / Commerce degree. Realising this path wasn't for him, he went travelling, and followed a few snow seasons around the world before returning to Australia to stay with a good friend in the New South Wales snowy mountains. 'He was a woodfire potter, digging his own clay, crushing rock for glazes - the whole nine yards!' says Andrei. With no real interest in clay, Andrei started out assisting in his friend's pottery studio. It was almost inevitable that he would pick up the clay himself at some stage, and when he did, the attraction was instant. 'It was here that I developed a love and respect for the material, process, tradition and the Japanese aesthetic, as well as the importance of skill and craftsmanship' says Andrei. After discovering his creative calling somewhat unexpectedly, Andrei went on to study Fine Arts at COFA in Sydney, before moving to Melbourne and completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics at RMIT, followed by a masters (MFA) at RMIT, which he completed last year. I guess we can say he is one highly qualified ceramicist! Upon graduating, Andrei was fortunate to receive an ArtStart grant, which allowed him to kit out his little studio, and start building a practice. Andrei currently produces three series of functional tableware, all made on the wheel from Australian porcelain and stone ware clays. His work is influenced by both a Scandinavian sensibility, and Eastern aesthetic, using smoke-curl brushwork, a minimalist colour palette and elegant forms to create uniquely tactile, functional pieces.  'Each piece is robust enough for daily use, and is made to enhance the presentation and enjoyment of food and drink' says Andrei of his work.  'I'm into making work that is minimalist, and allows people to fall in love with tactile qualities of clay and glaze'. Much of his work is inspired by cultural food ceremonies, including tea/sake drinking, and Japanese food presentation and service. Andrei's work is currently stocked at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria – I cannot get used to the new name!) and Mr Kitly in Melbourne, at Planet Furniture in Sydney and One Small Room in Adelaide. While we've focussed mainly on his functional vessels, Andrei also creates ceramic sculptures, and in fact has an exhibition opening of these works at Craft (formerly Craft Victoria) this month! This exhibition, entitled The Speicherring Project, presents a series of works combining both Andrei's sculptural and functional ceramics practices. The Speicherring Project by Andrei Davidoff Open from 6 September to 12 October Craft  31 Flinders Lane Melbourne, VIC Exhibition opening tonight from 6.00 - 8.00pm!
Handcrafted ceramics by Melbourne based Andrew Davidoff.  Photos - Clare Plueckhahn.
Ceramics by Andrew Davidoff.  Photos - Clare Plueckhahn.

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