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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
20th of August 2013
'Flora 6' by Rachel Castle for her upcoming show at Koskela in Sydney.
'Flora 3' by Rachel Castle for her upcoming show at Koskela.
OK so whilst we do our very best to keep things fresh and varied around here.... as you know I DO have a few favourite Australian creatives who seem to pop up time and time again!  We're back in familiar territory again today, with an update on Sydney artist and designer Rachel Castle. Rachel's latest body of work is a series of 10 new paintings on linen, entitled the 'Flora Series', for an exhibition at Sydney's Koskela showroom opening this Friday.  Built up in multiple layers, and combining both painted and screenprinted elements, these new works have allowed Rachel to experiment with a slightly new creative process. 'Typically my screen printing and embroidered works are very preconceived - I start with drawings and sketches and cut screens and felt from here' Rachel explains. 'The Flora works on the other hand are completely freeform. Each canvas explores the theme with a different colour energy, combining painting and hand screen printing, always with a colourful spot punctuation.  They never become what they are until the final spot, the final stroke, and this is the happy place I personally find in painting'. A serial multitasker, Rachel's other creative pursuits have taken a bit of a backseat whilst this show has come together!  'The joy of making these pieces has kept me well and truly covered in paint, and not paying nearly enough attention to my sewing!' says Rachel of this latest body of work. 'I actually feel a little anxious about handing these ones over - they are like 10 babies that I am going to find very difficult to separate!' Oh don't worry Rachel, we're quite sure there are 10 wonderful new parents awaiting these precious babies! Flora Series by Rachel Castle 23th August to 8th September Koskela 1/85 Dunning Ave Rosebery, NSW
'Flora 7' by Rachel Castle for her upcoming show at Koskela.

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