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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
4th of June 2013
New clear acrylic 'Booksee' bookshelves, by Melbourne start-up Ubabub. Photo by Danielle Trovato.
The clear acrylic 'Booksee' bookshelf by Ubabub. Photo by Danielle Trovato.
'Booksee' bookshelf by Ubabub. Photo by Danielle Trovato.
Daniel and Natasha Dumais, the Melbourne-based husband and wife team behind Ubabub! Photo by Roy Chu.
We don't often cover kids things around here, but when this super cool kids bookshelf from Melbourne start-up Ubabub crossed my path recently I just had to share - such a clever design idea for any kids room! We covered Ubabub a very long time ago, when they first launched their super stylish range of nursery furniture back in 2010. The business is run husband and wife team Natasha and Daniel Dumais, who were inspired to create their range after hunting for stylish pieces for their own kids.  Since then they've been on an incredible ride!  Ubabub's gorgeous range of pieces for the modern nursery has won them many new fans and stockists across Australia, New Zealand and now the United States! Natasha and Daniel's latest design, the 'Booksee' bookshelf is such a winner.  It cleverly displays books face out - which of course makes for a beautiful ever-changing wall feature  (because illustrated kids books are so gorgeous these days), but importantly, it also means kids can clearly see and reach their favourite titles, encouraging them to read.  The durable, clear acrylic allows for the covers to be viewed without obstruction, and the lip securely holds books in place.  So simple and effective. 'The inspiration for most of our products to date have been things that we've really needed for our own kids' explains Natasha. 'When designing a shared bedroom for our older girls Bianca (6 yrs) and Sabine (4 yrs), we wanted to include a bookshelf but lacked the space for a regular boxed unit. The Booksee shelf design allows for a functional use of wall space, as well as displaying the books face up for the kids to be enticed to read. We felt this was a great way to really emphasise the joy and importance of reading, as well as providing a brilliant decorative element within the bedroom space'. We couldn't agree more!  Ace work you guys.  If I had kids I would totally make a whole wall of these.
The Booksee shelves measure 22cm high, 90cm wide and 7cm deep.  They are sold as a set of two bookshelves for $199.00, and are now available online from Ubabub's online shop!
Decisions, decisions...!  Clear 'Booksee' booksehlves by Ubabub. Photo by Danielle Trovato.

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