Historia Films X Potheads by Kim Jaeger

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
21st of January 2013
Handmade 'Potheads' by Kim Jaeger - still from Historia Films
A film by Historia Films, about Melbourne ceramicist Kim Jaeger of 'Potheads'! (If you have trouble watching this video please view it here)
Today's is a double-pronged post.  It was supposed to mainly just be about Melbourne artist Kim Jaeger, who makes these friendly little ceramic planters, cheekily named 'Potheads'!  These little guys have been gaining many fans since Kim first started making them in late 2011, and they're now stocked at a number of cute Melbourne shops, including Mr KitlyThird Drawer DownCraft Victoria and Monk House Design. Of course being handmade, each is one of a kind. BUT then it seemed remiss not to also mention the very clever pair at Historia Films, who have just launched the sweet little film about Kim which you see above! Historia Films is a collaboration between Adelaide photographer Mike Smith and Melbourne blogger Laura Quattrocelli, who share a passion for digital media, and all things hand crafted. They formed this little film project with a shared mission to tell the untold stories of artists, designers and creatives behind closed doors.  This film you see above is their second - keep your eyes on their website as more films will be released throughout the year! First watch the film above, and then read on below for a few questions with Pothead creator Kim Jaeger! -
Tell us a little bit about your background – what did you study and what led you to becoming a ceramicist and eventually launching Potheads?
I originally studied visual arts but I ended up doing my masters in graphic design and new media, working in interactive installations using sound and video. After finishing, I moved overseas to London where I continued to make artwork, but digital interactive installations were a bit harder with no computer over there so I starting taking photographs and drawing in journals, catching and collecting ideas. After returning from London I made no art. Nothing. I think sometimes artists need to stop in order to keep making work. I lived in Sydney for a year and then moved to Melbourne in 2006. Gradually I started making work again and got involved in artist run spaces in Melbourne, sitting on the board of Seventh Gallery in Fitzroy for two years. In the last five years or so I've been working with lots of different mediums: photography, installation, sculpture – I like to mix it up! I first worked with clay four years ago when I took a wheel turning class, but it wasn't until late 2011 when I took another class in hand-building that Potheads finally came to life (though the idea had been brewing for a few years!).
What process is involved in creating these little clay friends of yours? When constructing these planters do you have any idea what their face is going to look like before you start, and how long does each take to make?
The process of making a Pothead usually starts by putting some music on – so perhaps this subconsciously has something to do with what each face will look like? I usually zone out when I'm doing it, it's a kind of mediation really, the faces form from the clay. From start to finish it takes about six weeks, from working with the raw clay to the finished glazed object. Ceramics is definitely a lesson in patience!
What's next for Potheads in 2013?
It's a really exciting year coming up! I'm currently working on some new collections and commissions in the studio. I also have a show mid year at Craft Victoria where I'm going to be experimenting with new materials that work alongside the clay to create functional objects. I'm really interested in the idea of functionality in an artwork. Do pop by Kim's Tumblr page for more pics and info about these slightly mad little functional pieces! 
Kim Jaeger of 'Potheads' - still from Historia Films

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