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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
25th of September 2012
Poppy Lane at her worktable in the Pop & Scott shared workspace.  Photo - Sean Fennessy
Poppy's workspace.  Photo - Sean Fennessy
A handpainted Pop & Scott swing hangs in the studio.  Photo - Sean Fennessy
Multi-skilled Melbourne couple Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson have been getting a fair bit of very well deserved press this month, on account of the recent opening of Pop & Scott - their fabulous new co-operative timber workshop and studio space in Northcote! Pop & Scott is a buzzing creative space, incorporating studios for a handful of super clever local creatives including artist Dane Lovett, furniture designer Sean McMahon, and many more.    A florist by trade, Poppy also has her studio here, where she creates all manner of gorgeous floral creations for events and venues around town.  The space is not only functional but also beautiful, it's been scrubbed, painted and lovingly restored by Poppy and her team, and benefits from lots of natural light and an endless parade of flowers and foliage thanks to resident florists Poppy and Sarah Nolan of Mr Lincoln! In addition to the permanent studio tenants, Pop & Scott space also acts as a rent-by-the-hour (or day, or week) woodworking studio, complete with professional tools and equipment, for anyone with a burning creative project idea, but nowhere to get their hands dirty. 'The dynamics in the workshop have proven a real success' says Poppy. 'It's very varied - some days we have had a set builder in, working alongside a new mum building a bookshelf for her baby's room - it's great seeing everyone helping each other out'. Aside from running this blissfully utopian creative workshop, Poppy and Scott also use the space to create their very own range of handcrafted timber furniture and objects.  The current BESTSELLER is a sweet collection of handpainted functional swings - inspired!  You forget how lovely it is to swing, especially if you haven't done it for like twenty years.  A global trend for 'grown up' play equipment will surely ensue! Big thanks to Poppy and her studio pals for allowing yet another photo shoot here...!   Do check out the Pop & Scott website for more info on this sweet collaborative project and upcoming creative classes which commence in the space next month!  Flower classes with Poppy will start in October, whilst basic wood work classes are scheduled for November, when a general open day is also planned. ... and if you are intrigued to learn a little more about the clever couple behind this venture,  as it happens we will be back tomorrow with a little feature on Poppy and Scott's gorgeous Collingwood home!
Furniture designer Sean McMahon busy in the workshop.  Photo - Sean Fennessy
Poppy in the office.  Photo - Sean Fennessy
Poppy's workspace.  Photo - Sean Fennessy
Poppy's office.  Photo - Sean Fennessy

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