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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
16th of July 2012
Handmade paper rosettes by Lulu Lucky. Photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Jess Lillico.
Handmade envelopes and rosettes by Lulu Lucky. Photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Jess Lillico.
Awww man.  I've been trying to keep it looking a bit grown up and just a little less girly around here, but these sweet paper creations by Queensland based Kara Schiffer aka Lulu Lucky are totally pulling me back into cute 'n crafty territory!  What can I say?  They were too fab.  I got excited. Kara was a florist for a number of years, and is Mum to two young kids.  After the birth of her second child, amazingly, she found herself with some free time up her sleeve.  As luck would have it, she was blessed with an 'angel baby' who was/is particularly good at sleeping!  (Seriously, how does this happen, it seems 100% at odds with all information I have been given to date about babies / parenting!?) Kara put this unexpected free time to good use - coming up with this sweet little collection of handcrafted paper goodies!  I am seriously loving the envelopes with string ties ad those fab ROSETTES.  Such a simple idea, and perfectly executed. 'I love creating things that are simple but super pretty!' says Kara. 'I thought, why send your mail in a boring plain white envelope when you could send it in a beautifully coloured heavy card stock one? I guess what I like doing is making items that can usually be quite run of the mill something special.' At the moment Kara is making a great variety of paper envelopes, rosettes, piñatas, Polish paper chandeliers, and garlands.  The Lulu Lucky webstore just launched today - brand new, get on it people!
Handmade envelopes with sweet string ties by Lulu Lucky. Photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Jess Lillico.

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