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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
4th of June 2012
This week the boys from Carrylogy join us on the Guest Blog

I recently met the very clever boys from Melbourne based accessories brand Bellroy.

In addition to designing seriously excellent wallets, the Bellroy boys are weirdly passionate about Carrying stuff.  They love bags, satchels, sacks, suitcases and efficient carrying devices of any description.  To this end, they run a super excellent blog called Carryology!  They're basically on a self-imposed mission to improve the way people carry.

Carryology is one of the absolute bestest blogs connected to a brand I have ever seen.  It ticks every box on my 'awesome blog' criteria list. Ie. Carryology content is original,  genuinely useful, and has a spirit of generosity - these boys aren't simply all about their own products, they're enthusiastic about ANY great bags / wallets / carrying accessories being designed in the world, and they love to showcase and promote the best of these on their blog.

This week the Carryology team joins us with a series of inspired posts covering best carrying practises and products (!!), including and edit of their favourite Australian carry brands.  They're kicking things off today with an inspired instructional post complete with illustrated diagrams, sharing their tried-and-tested secrets on 'how to slim down your wallet'!  (It is actually quite genius).

Massive thanks to the Bellroy / Carrylogy lads for spending a week with us on the Guest Blog!

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