Carryology - Some Great Australian Carry Brands

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
6th of June 2012

Today Carryology have compiled a list of some of their favourite Australian Carry Brands; all super stylish and locally designed - what more could you ask for!? The Carryology crew also regularly review great carrying items on their website, be sure to check it out for more great finds! - Jenny x

Australia has some world class carry brands – they’re generally just smaller and have to work harder than their Northern Hemisphere cousins. Here’s a small selection of some we love…

Nancybird bags

Nancybird - No stranger to The Design Files, Emily and the Nancybird team have added a little crafty spark to daily routines throughout Australia. While their vibe is getting imitated more with each passing season, few copies can balance a cohesive looks with functional details the way Nancybird does.

Tailfeather handcrafted bags

Tailfeather - Scotty and Natalia have more talent in a toe-nail clipping than I do in a year of struggle. Their brand Tailfeather crafts really considered and minimal leather carry pieces that will last a lot longer than the toe-nail clipping analogy I somehow got stuck on.

Bellroy wallets!

Bellroy - OK, so this one is cheating, as a few of our Carryology gang work for Bellroy – but it really is a rad brand (no bias), working like crazy to rid the world of bulging and unsightly wallets. From travel wallets that fit in your pocket, to the slimmest of card carriers, we like them lots :)

All The Kings Men

All The Kings Men - Simon and his little brand out of Fitzroy have been producing these iconic small messenger bags for over a decade. The distinctive aircraft buckles and utilitarian branding somehow makes a small ‘satchel’ feel masculine enough to avoid the man-bag curse, yet they still work for women. Oh, and great for iPads and netbooks too.


Temono - And lastly is Temono, a brand that spurs words like ‘delightful’ and ‘truly unique’. Jarren and Toshi make their carry products to order, letting you specify any number of combinations between thread and leather colors. They are craft designs, handmade in Melbourne, with some really interesting leather treatments and styles.

- Carryology

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