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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
25th of June 2012
Pagespreads from Artisan Magazine - a new Australian iPad Magazine
Pages from Artisan Magazine - a new Australian iPad Magazine

Ok you guys gets ready, this is FLIPPIN' AMAZING.

Artisan Magazine is the collaborative project of three Sydney-based creatives - food stylist and writer Bhavani Konings, graphic designer Leigh-Ann Thomas and photographer Natalie Hunfalvay.

These three talented ladies originally met assisting on a photoshoot for Inside Out Magazine, and instantly became friends. They went on to collaborate on various shoots, and before long came up with the idea for Artisan Magazine - a unique digital publication, and the perfect showcase for their complementary skills.

Essentially, Artisan is a magazine exclusively for iPad.  As the title suggests, the magazine focuses on stories about local creative people and happenings, with a lean towards unique, handcrafted product.  But to be honest, whilst it is rich with beautiful imagery and content, what's truly unique about Artisan Magazine are the completely immersive, interactive features.  They are astounding.  It's like you blinked and suddenly THE FUTURE ARRIVED.

For instance, when reading about textile designer Lucy Simpson, you're invited to watch a short video where Lucy flips through her sketchbook, talking us through her process.  Elsewhere, simple photographs which at first seem static, slowly ease into moving footage - demanding a double-take!  Almost every page seems to have embedded features, all effortlessly woven into the publication, you don't even leave the page!

If you have an iPad I highly recommend checking this out!  And the best bit - it's free!  You can download the magazine for free here, and find out a little bit more about the project here.

Very clever work, ladies!  Inspiring, game-changing stuff.

Pages from Artisan Magazine - a new Australian iPad Magazine
The team behind Artisan Magazine - Leigh-Ann Thomas, Natalie Hunfalvay, and Bhavani Konings

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