Tabletop Portraits with Kootoyoo - Heather Nette King

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
31st of May 2012
Kirsty of Kootoyoo features the lovely Heather Nette King today- possibly the only person in all of Melbourne to have a PINK kitchen floor! Between the pretty pink and the ornate frames, as soon as I saw this one from Kirsty I knew it was about Heather. Yep, Kirsty sure does have a way with tiny, tabletop objects! - Jenny x

happily mixes the old & the new knows how to make stuff look great & makes a living from styling top shots has two gorgeous girls & a Jem of a bloke picks out great props & paints them to suit arranges stuff right & leaves the light to the man is savvy with her shopping & shows us how to get the look shares people's own spaces & threatens a country move loves little clothes & has a sweet tooth has a real paper diary & keeps everything noted in ink dots all the styling "i"s & crosses the "t"s is big into a rose & a bit of ballet action too - Kirsty x Find Heather Blog Instagram

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