NYC Intern - Spread Your Wings

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
30th of March 2012

It has been such a fantastic week exploring the studios of Fredericks and Mae and Confetti System with Nat Turnbull!  THANK YOU Nat for so generously documenting your experience in NYC, we are so excited to see where you take your own business Witu - Lucy and I reckon you are going to be BIG! Congratulations to Joanna (comment #78), the winner of a Confetti System Garland from Third Drawer Down - they stock both Fredericks and Mae and Confetti System, be sure to pay them a visit online or in person at their Fitzroy store!  Thanks again Nat and Third Drawer Down! - Jenny x

Fredericks and Mae working on a custom order for handcrafted wings!

Custom Orders seem to always rule because it allows you to work on experimenting! Fredericks and Mae had a few custom orders for large wings, which was really interesting to learn and watch them hand craft it with feathers. You can see them looking intently as the make this work above!

Working on their famous tassels with the Mongolian horse hair taught me a new kind of patience I had never even thought possible! The thread on the top of these is hand wound to perfection. It’s such a skill! But they turn out looking so beautiful. A lot of their tassels are made for their modern version of worry beads. Smart!

Handmade Mongolian horsehair tassels by Fredericks and Mae

I have left the arrows to last because they are totally my favourite. I mean, how cool are they! They, like the tassels, have so much labor involved, but again, the outcome is worth every penny. Each of them are unique. I ended up buying one for a friend of mine who has put it up on her wall- it looks so incredible!

Handcrafted decorative arrows by Fredericks and Mae

I’m so super grateful to have had these experience and I can’t wait until my own little project, Witu, becomes something cool and I can offer the same opportunity that Fredericks and Mae and Confetti System offered me.

Thanks for reading! - Nat x

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