The Design Files Open House FILM !!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
21st of February 2012

The Design Files Open House FILM ! - directed by Jessica Leski (if you can't see the above preview, view on Vimeo here)

DEAREST readers!  I know this is a good 2.5 months post event, but we don't care, we are still SUPER excited to share with you a short film about The Design Files Open House event we staged in December last year!

Whilst many of you might have seen the website, many photos and lots of lovely coverage which we were super lucky to receive late last year, nothing quite beats the moving image to give a real indication of the buzzing atmosphere and general exhaustion levels :)

IF you can't see the film above, please view it over here on Vimeo!  I hope you don't mind hearing my annoying voice for 3 whole minutes because that is what you are in for, people.

MASSIVE thanks to my dear friend Jessica Leski who whipped up a friendly little film crew at a moment's notice to come and shoot this footage, and put this special little film together for us.  (You might recall Ms Leski is responsible for The Ball - a beautiful film (blogged here), which was nominated for an AFI this year (!!) - and is now available to download on iTunes!)

Film Crew Edited and directed by Jessica Leski Shot by Edward Goldner Additional Camera - Ash Koek Stills - Sean Fennessy

Thanks also to the very talented local bands who have generously allowed usage of their music for this film. DO show you support by checking them out! -

Music by

The Bon Scotts

The I'lls'

The Honeypies

This sweet little film will premiere on the BIG SCREEN tonight at Rooftop Cinema, just before The September Issue!  Is it sold out yet?  I have no idea!  Tickets here if not.  See you there!

I am struggling not to do the whole epic Open House thankyou list again... sponsors, staff, volunteers, friends, husbands, boyfriends, family - you know who you are - THANKYOU!   Massive thanks in particular to Jenny Butler for doing the longest hours ever, and big props to Esther Navarro-Orejon from The Project Agency - our chief collaborator on this project.

If you would like to see a few silly shots of the film crew and general behind the scenes Open House madness, there is a little gallery on our Facebook page!

And now I promise I shall never again harp on about TDF Open House.  At least... not 'til next time! :)

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