A Posy A Day with Wunderplant - The Native

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
16th of February 2012

Amy of Wunderplant has created another beautiful posy, today based around some of Australia's native plants. Our house is surrounded by most of the plants in today's creation, I think I'll need to get creative this weekend! Thanks Amy! -Jenny x

The perfect native-inspired posy - created by Amy for a wedding last year

The native garden can provide a wealth of interesting floral options for a unique posy. It's true it takes a little more effort to see past the traditional muted greens and dusty grey foliage of much of the Native garden... but on closer inspection you'll discover decorative flowers buried deep amidst the foliage.

Becoming more common in our back gardens are the flowering gum shrubs, with their vibrant punches of pink, fiery orange and the angelic white. But it's the muted tonal greens and blue/grey of the Native garden foliage that I find both exciting and challenging.

Many Australian Natives are not 'Look at Me' flowers in the garden, yet they provide beautiful striking shapes and textures in their dormant pre flowering state. I think of Australian Natives as the true magician flowers - it always proves a surprise to me when the gum nuts burst open with such vivid colour!

Teaming native foliage with the little green pearl heads of garden-grown sedum is a perfect bouquet of contrasts. Though not truly an Australian native, the king protea is simply too enticing to not include in this arrangement!!

- Amy x

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