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Beci's World - Books!

9th January, 2012
Jenny Butler
Monday 9th January 2012

Happy New Year Friends and welcome to the Guest Blog for 2012! We are starting off a very exciting year with one of TDF most favourite people - Beci Orpin! All week we'll be seeing into Beci's World, starting off with Books. Speaking of which, leave a comment on any of Beci's posts before 10pm on Thursday for your chance to win a copy of Compendium of Me by Beci Orpin. Thanks to Erm Books and Beci for this giveaway! -Jenny x

hello TDF readers! welcome to my guest blog. this week i'll be showing you some of the things that help me along the path of design goodness. things i use every day to keep my inspired and happy. first off: BOOKS

i LOVE books. so much. they are the one thing i will never hesitate spending money on. subsequently i have a pretty big, and ever-expanding book collection. its becoming a bit of a problem - the amount i books i have is far outweighing the amount of bookshelf space i have. thus, my desk more often than not, looks like this:

and my bookshelves look like this:

but, its worth it!

japan for me is book mecca! japanese design books are the best, i love them because they are often so specific. the book 2nd from top left is just about woven ribbons! amazing!

i brought these japanese trademarks and logo books about 10 years ago. between the 3 of them they span the 1970's and ever single page is an absolute goldmine. they are expensive but i think i have looked at them at least once a week since i brought them

but you don't have to travel overseas or spend a lot of money to get great books. a lot of my collection have come from opp-shops (btw, there is no shame for buying a book just because it has a great cover!)

i also have a bad habit of collecting series of books (hello ebay):

and zines too - i love zines and small publications:

but, all time favourite book is this one

i had lusted after it at a friends house in LA one time, but she had found it at a thrift store, so i thought i there was no chance of finding it (this is before the days of abe books). the next time raph returned to the US he secretly hunted down a copy and drive for half a day to collect it from a bookshop in the middle of nowhere. pretty awesome.

- beci

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