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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
13th of January 2012

What a way to start the Guest Blog for 2012! Thank you so much to Beci Orpin for allowing us into her world for a week- I'm not sure I want to leave! Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners of Beci's new book 'Compendium of Me' - Meghan C, Jiah, Philippa, Sally F and Mal S! 'Compendium of Me' is published by Erm Books, be sure to order your copy here for only $20!  Thanks again Beci, Erm Books and everyone who left a comment this week. Happy weekend all and see you on Monday! -Jenny x

where to start when it comes to others who inspire me? the list is very long, so i've decided to just show you my top 4 current favourites.

nathalie du pasquier. one of the founding members of the memphis movement, natalie not only created kick-ass textile designs, so also designed furniture and more recently still life paintings,  sculptures and installations. i love her use of colour and form.

she has also recently had some of her memphis era textile designs released by third drawer down on hankies and other things. pretty special...

maya hayuk. currently residing brooklyn, maya produces amazing paintings, installations, murals and photographs. her colours and interacting shapes are MIND-BLOWING. i recently watched a video about her process where she talked about growing up learning ukranrian hand-crafts, and how this was a big influence on her work. i loved her even more after that!

maya has a show coming up in melbourne as part of the sugar mountian festival too! i'm ridiculously excited about it.  more details on the sugar mountain site.

renilde de peuter. i first discovered renildes work through my fav local shop mr kitly. she is multi disciplinary genius making everything from mobiles to crochet pot holders. her beautiful handmade techniques and colours get me everytime. (all images from renilde's flickr)

dick bruna this name will be familiar to many of you as mr.bruna is most famous for the miffy books. but before miffy, mr. bruna as a graphics designer created over 2,000 book cover designs. as i child i loved miffy and i still do today. i think this is testament to what  a great designer mr.bruna is. the brillant simplicity in his work inspires me everyday.

that's it for me! hope you have enjoyed my TDF guest blog. thanks to lucy and jenny for having me - was super fun!

- beci x

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