The Design Files 2012 Calendar! (+ giveaway!)

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
15th of November 2011
The Design Files 2012 Collective Clutter Calendar !  Fabulous illustration on the front cover by Lachlan Conn
Kat Chadwick's incredible illustration of the cute ephemera in her Collingwood studio! CUTE so cute.

Good MORNING and please bear with me whilst we use up another TDF post to plug another TDF project! :)

After being asked by quite a few lovely readers if we're doing another one this year, I thought it was about time we announce The Design Files BRAND NEW 2012 Calendar!  We dearly hope you will like / love / buy it!

This year once again we've joined forces with our good buddies at Lamington Drive to produce this beautiful calendar!   Again as with last year, next year's calendar features the work of 12 amazing Australian illustrators - a few old favourites and a few new faces.  The stellar line-up this year includes Beci Orpin, Dawn Tan, James Gulliver Hancock, Jane Reiseger, Christopher Nielsen, Kat Chadwick, Kat Macleod, Lachlan Conn, Madeleine Stamer, Marcela Restrepo, Marc Martin and Rik Lee!  Seriously,  we're talking Australian design royalty, people!

Moving on from last year's 'Neighbourhoods' theme, this year we asked each illustrator to give us a little window into their home and studio environments - sharing with us their collective creative clutter! Inside you'll score a peek at Kat Macleods's colour-filled wardrobe, Beci Orpin's picture-perfect pinboard, Dawn Tan's well stocked craft kit, Marcela Restrepo's gourmet kitchen pantry and much more!

We hope you love this calendar as much as we have loved making it!    This year we selected a beautiful and slightly more muted colour palette with the help of genius colour whizz Kat Macleod - thankyou Kat!  I also inherited some snazzy new 'handwriting' care of the very talented Liz Wilson at Ortolan, who also did the new layout and all important font selection for this year's calendar - thankyou Liz!   I drove Jeremy Wortsman and Monica Laskowski at Lamington Drive a bit crazy with back and forth emails and annoying questions about paper stock - Thankyou Jeremy and Monica!  And of course massive thanks to our incredible group of illustrators who made such beautiful work for this very special project.

PLEASE COME ALONG next Thursday Nov 24th for the Calendar launch event at Lamington Drive!  The show coincides with the opening night of Marc Martin's gorgeous new exhibition Silent Observer too, which makes it doubly awesome and doubly worth attending :)

The Design Files 2012 Calendar Launch and exhibition! Thursday Nov 24th 2011, 6.00pm - 9.00pm Lamington Drive 15 - 25 Keele st Collingwood Vic

The Design Files 2012 calendar is $30 including GST!  If you are interstate or overseas, do consider pre-ordering The Design Files 2012 Calendar over here!  Your order will be shipped next Wed Nov 23rd, just before the launch event.

BUT if you're in Melbourne, you can save on shipping by snapping up a calendar in person at 2012 Calendar launch next week AND/OR at The Design Files Open House event Dec 1st - 4th!  YES definitely come along please!  There are also limited edition prints available of each calendar illustration,  a few of which will grace the wall of TDF Open House!  OMG. There is just way too much going on right now :)

AND just because we love a giveaway, we would love to offer 5 of these brand new 2012 Calendars for 5 lovely readers! Simply leave your comment on this post before 10.00pm tonight to be in the running!  5 winners will be drawn at random and contacted by email tomorrow!

*UPDATE – Thanks so much for all your amazing comments! 5 winners have now been drawn, the lucky winners are Alice (comment #133), G (comment #168), Amy (comment #111), Sandra (comment #47) and Gemma (comment #57). Thank you to everyone who left a comment and hope to see you all at the Calendar launch on Thursday 24th of November at Lamington Drive!

Kat Macleod's beautiful work for her birthday month!
Another stunningly simple Calendar illustration work by Jane Reiseger

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