Megan Perkins

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
17th of October 2011
Vitreous enamel jewellery by Tasmanian jeweller Megan Perkins

What is it with Tasmania at the minute!?  So much goodness coming from the Island state... I can't keep up with it!   I think MONA's David Walsh must have spiked the water down there with some kind of Willy Wonka-esque creativity-enhancing elixir.  I wouldn't put it past him.

Megan Perkins is a Tassie-based jeweller who makes incredible enamel statement pieces. Her latest range features geometric shapes inspired by the hexagonal lattice of honeycomb! I particularly love Megan's inspired colour palette - buzzing reds and egg-yolk yellows meet muted pastels and greys... with a little peppermint green thrown in for good measure!  Megan promises 'You won’t see anyone else wandering around with your necklace, as no two pieces are the same'.

Megan has a few stockists listed on her website here.  Her work can also be found at 'Follow' (the Finders Keepers shop) in Sydney.  Megan will also be at the Bowerbird Bazaar design market in Adelaide later this month (it's on from the 28th-30th October).

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