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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
27th of October 2011
Emma Aiston and Daniel To of Daniel : Emma!  They laugh a lot.

I was SO lucky to spend a good chunk of my time in Adelaide with the gorgeous Emma Aiston and Daniel To, otherwise known as Daniel : Emma.  These guys have received accolades worldwide for their cute 'n quirky functional designed objects - but in Adelaide no one knows them from a bar of soap. :) Which is just the way they like it.  They travel twice a year to show their work at international design fairs, but the rest of the time they just bunker down here in SA designing, prototyping and eating good food (they really like food).

During my visit Daniel and Emma took me on a little tour of their fave shopping spots in their hometown.  It was awesome!  For today's post we've whittled it down to a vaguely design-focussed TOP 5... but there is a brief list of other Adelaide highlights listed at the bottom of this post too!   If you have a favourite spot I haven't mentioned, please leave a comment and let us know!

One piece of advice if you're planning a trip to SA anytime soon - hire a car!  If you can. Much of the goodness is dotted all over town in different locations, and public transport is not as regular or wide reaching as it is in Melbourne and Sydney.  Parking is easy, and traffic non existent, so if you can manage it, hiring a car is the best way to see this town.

One Small Room

One Small Room in Croydon (ps. vintage bus scrolls are much cheaper in Adelaide than in Melbourne!)

One Small Room is a gorgeous and unique little furniture / homewares / gift shop in a cute residential area called Croydon.  It's incredibly popular, so much so, that since opening in 2003 OSR has grown from one to three rooms, and has taken over the shopfront next door.  It has also spurred on a smattering of cute local cafes in a suburban street that previously had little else going on. Isn't it amazing how one great  little businesss can re-energise a whole area?

One Small Room is owned and operated by local designer and stylist Rebekah Cichero, who also runs Bowerbird Bazaar (on this weekend in Adelaide!) and offers private home styling services.  She's one hell of a creative multitasker - you'll learn a little more about Rebekah tomorrow!

Daniel and Emma say - One Small Room is our number one pick!  We can’t remember a time we have gone into OSR and not come out with something new. So many lovely furniture finds as well as tastefully selected accessories and home wares :)

One Small Room 2 Elizabeth St Croydon SA 5008

Ph. (08) 7120 2368

Hours Tuesday - Friday         11.00am - 4.00pm Saturday & Sunday      10.00am - 4.00pm


Cult denim and menswear store RHD.  That's RHD's Andy (top right) showing Emma pics of his new bub!   Photos - Lucy Feagins.
Apparently, the coolest cats in Adelaide roll up the cuffs of their jeans! (from left, Daniel, Andy from RHD and little Emma!)

Daniel and Emma were super keen to introduce me to their pal Andy Watson who runs cult menswear store RHD.  That stands for 'Right Hand Distribution' and has something to do with the way jeans are made. Or something like that.  ANYWAY it is one of those awesome and effortlessly cool shops that stocks all the best indie labels you've never heard of. These guys seriously know their denim.  They even have a special industrial denim sewing machine behind the counter, to take up your jeans in that perfect way that you just can't do on a regular sewing machine.

Sadly RHD is only for boys, but I would totally wear half the stuff in there.   If you live in Melbourne or Sydney and are sick of having the same jeans as everyone else, you should check out RHD's new online store!  SO. GOOD.

Emma and Daniel say - RHD is run by our talented friend Andy. It is the place to go to in Adelaide for men’s fashion, and also the number one way to kill an hour or two in the city, just strike up a conversation with Andy and watch an afternoon go by!

Right Hand Distribution 22 Ebenezer Place Adelaide SA 5000

Ph. (08) 8359 3557


Treadly Bike Shop

Treadly Bike Shop.  Photos - Lucy Feagins

Treadly is a super awesome bike shop just up the road from RHD in Ebenezer Place, a cute little side street in the CBD.  Full of great stuff for cycle lovers - the best imported bike bits, super cute sales staff, and a resident dog.  I fell in love with the most gorgeous raspberry-coloured Brooks bike saddle, despite not actually owning a bike (shame, I know).

Daniel and Emma say 'We're bike enthusiasts, and this is one well stocked bike store.  Is there a limit on how many Brooks bike saddles one should own?'

Treadly Bike Shop Shop 5, 4-10 Ebenezer Place Adelaide SA 5000

Ph. (08) 8232 0158 Hours Monday Closed Tuesday - Thursday 10.00am - 6.00pm Friday 10.00am - 9.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 6.00pm Sunday 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Treadly Bike Shop.


Bauhaus in Adelaide's city centre.  Photo - Lucy Feagins.

Bauhaus is a favourite of many locals seeking something a little different than high street shopping in busy Rundle street.   Perfectly merchandised, the store showcases a great variety of ever changing international imports - trinkets from Morocco, Mexico and India sit happy alongside vibrant Marimekko prints and contemporary jewellery.

Emma says - 'Bauhaus is a longstanding favourite, a perfect place to buy a gift for a friend (or oneself!) full of an eclectic mix of Mexican day of the dead paraphernalia, Moroccan jewellery and Marimekko fabrics'. Bauhaus 257 Rundle St Adelaide SA 5000 Ph. (08) 8215 0003 Hours Monday - Thursday 10.00am - 5.30pm Friday 10.00am - 9.30pm Saturday and Sunday  10.00am - 5.00pm
Bauhaus details

Khai Liew

Khai Liew showroom - photo by Marcel Aucar

Khai Liew is kind of like the grandmaster of the SA design industry.  His stunning cabinetry and freestanding furniture pays homage to a great variety of influences - from mid-century Danish design to traditional Chinese and Japanese detailing.  Khai Liew's striking pieces are usually one of a kind and custom made.  His work can be spotted in some of the most impressive homes in SA.

Daniel and Emma say 'Khai Liew has the coolest showroom/studio space around....... one day we aspire to have a set up as lovely as this!'

Khai Liew Design 166 Magill rd Norwood SA 5067

Ph. (08) 8362 1076 Hours Tuesday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm Sunday 1.00am - 5.00pm
Khai Liew showroom - photo Derek Henderson

Other good things

The Store restaurant - 'We think it is the nicest place for eats in town, tasty breakfasts, yummy din dins, and stylish interior, what more could you ask for?' say Daniel and Emma.

Adelaide Central Market - delicious quick cheap lunches in the food hall, plus 80 stalls under one roof selling the very best fruit, vegies, deli produce and gourmet treats.


Danish Vintage Modern / Rock N Rustic / Clair Inc Vintage Clothing / One Rundle Trading / Bowerbird Bazaar (it's THIS WEEKEND - more on that tomorrow!) / and don't forget a drive up to see the city lights from the Adelaide Hills!

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