NEW Guest Blog! Aunty Cookie - How to look like you've got sh*t together (+ giveaway!)

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
12th of September 2011
This week Shannon Lamden aka Aunty Cookie on the Guest Blog!

Long before Noni Hazelhurst controversially narrated the now notorious bedtime story 'Go the F*ck to Sleep', Melbourne-based Mum Shannon Lamden was sharing far more hilarious parental frustrations on her brilliant blog Aunty Cookie.  And let me tell you, Noni has nothing on Shannon.

There really are no words to describe how side-splittingly funny Shannon's blog is.  I challenge anyone to spend 5 minutes over there without laughing out loud!  It's brutal parental honestly.  You gotta love a Mum who refers to herself as a 'tightwad', her kids as 'hooches', and admits that she is 'not fond of a person who says they don't have time to do things'  ('I don't get it and I don't believe you').  This is a woman who isn't afraid to CALL IT HOW IT IS, people.

I can't possibly distill the brilliance of Shannon's wit and wisdom here, but a few of my fave funny posts from her blog are here, here, and here.  How this woman does not have a column in the weekend newspapers is beyond me.  She'd be waaayyy better than a few yawn-worthy 'lifestyle' columnists who shall remain nameless.  Anyway, I digress.

This week we are SUPER lucky to have Shannon aka Aunty Cookie on the Guest Blog!  She will share with us some of her genius tips on 'How to look like you've got shit together'.  Topics covered include - 'How to look like a good Mum', ' how to look like you're well read' and 'how to look like a multi-tasking, no-time-wasting super crafter'.  And take it from me, there is no one more qualified to advise us on this, ladies.  This is a woman who runs a successful freelance design business, a busy and well-stocked online shop, writes an excellent blog, has 3 kids, and seems to makes an awful  LOT of quilts and cushions just, like, whenever she feels like it.

ADDITIONALLY, Shannon has very generously offered a double giveaway for two lucky TDF readers!  Two of Shannon's fabulous handmade lap quilts are up for grabs, valued at $150.00 each!  They're made from limited edition screen printed fabric - pics below! To be in the running, simply leave a comment on the Guest Blog anytime between now and this Thursday Sept 15th 10.00pm AEST. Two winners will be drawn at random and announced on Friday.

MASSIVE thanks to Shannon for squeezing another task into her week - we're super chuffed to have her!

Guest Blog Giveaway!  Two fabulous Aunty Cookie handmade Lap Quilts are up for grabs, valued at $150.00 each.

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