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The Trials and Triumphs of Technology with Able and Game

17th August, 2011
Jenny Butler
Wednesday 17th August 2011

Another hilarious Guest Blog from Able and Game, no doubt some of you are burning your retinas off currently, as per their illustration below! Don’t forget to leave a comment before 10pm tomorrow to be in the draw to win a splendid Able and Game gift pack, check out all the details here. - Jenny x

Technology and the internet is a funny thing in this current age, because it seems there are three distinct groups of people using it. Young people who only know a time when information comes in an instant, a middle group that adopted this technology with vigour but still remember a time without it, and then the people who have no idea what the internet is. I am someone who is very happy to be in the middle section, as the thought of my teenage self on Facebook makes me shudder.

You miss half the film if you sit with your phone reading every actor's biography on Wikipedia.

I have developed the annoying habit of finding it almost impossible to get through a film without picking up my phone and reading Wikipedia to find out who is in the film and reading their biography. I watched The King's Speech the other night, a film almost everyone said was amazing. I found it dull and was wondering what the fuss was all about. Then I realised why it was so dull, because I sat reading up on the British Royal Family for most of it.

Waking in the morning and burning your retina as you read emails/twitter/facebook before your eyes have a chance to adjust to the light.

The addiction of a smart phone is often painful and every morning my poor eyes do not reap the benefits of this technology. I rip the phone from the charger and start checking my emails and my eyes burn in pain from too much light. You would think I would turn the brightness of the screen down but my brain isn't working at that stage, I'm just looking for my fix.

- Anna and Gareth x

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