Jess Wright and family

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
17th of August 2011

The East Prahran home of Jess Wright and family – Jess’ craft room / study – all photographs Lucy Feagins

Details from Jess’ craft room / study.  Top right – geometric collaged artworks by Emily Green
Details from Jess’ craft room / study – Yellow Planet Lamp! Blue painted bentwood!  Donna Wilson plate!

Graphic designers ALWAYS have cool houses.  Like, always.  Big call, but I’m putting it out there.

Jess Wright isn’t strictly a graphic designer anymore, these days she’s one third of the dynamic team at Harvest Textiles and Harvest Workroom… but as you can see, her bold, quirky designer’s aesthetic has been firmly stamped in every room of her gorgeous three bedroom home in East Prahran!   Agghhh.  There is just so much good stuff going on here!  And so perfectly displayed!  Where to look!?  What to capture!?  ‘Eclectic’ just reached a whole new level.

Jess and family have been here for around 8 years.  In that time, they’ve made very few alterations to the home itself (the only real change has been a minor kitchen renovation – ‘new cupboards, nothing drastic’).   But of course, it’s the styling that really makes this space special.  Jess’ incredible collections of artwork, cushions, vintage finds and printed ephemera is what really gives this home its magic.  There is just SO MUCH amazing detail to to take in.  It’s like some kind of museum of kitschy vintage cool.   It’s so fun to be in a house where the cute details are not simply limited to the kids’ rooms!  (Although 4-yr old Milo does have some pretty cool stuff in his room too!)

It’s clear when looking at these pics that Jess is a champion thrifter / ebayer / junk shop fossicker from way back!  She is particularly fond of the collection of Planet lamps dotted around her home – ‘Mum has been collecting these since I was a baby, these are some that I have pinched over the years!’ she says.  She’s also a great supporter of many of the creatives that Harvest Workroom collaborates with – in particular she’s loving her new wall pieces by local designer (and recent TDF Guest Blogger!) Emily Green.  These bold geometric collaged artworks are from Emily’s recent window display at Craft Victoria. ‘It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with everything Emily does, so of course I couldn’t just choose one – she is a genius!’ says Jess!

Massive thanks to Jess for sharing her beautiful colour-filled home with us, and for feeding me a delectable selection of sweet bakery treats during my visit!  Nothing works up an appetite more than a friendly dose of home envy! :)

Vintage couch in loungeroom – Harvest cushion on the right

Cute details in the loungeroom, including amazing baskets made by Jess’ Mum at Maryann Talia Pau’s weaving workshop at Harvest!  ‘Accept the Good’ poster is from Third Drawer Down.  Glamourous cat lady tapestry from ebay.  And another Emily Green collaged artwork in the bottom right!

More loungeroom details, including those amazing woven baskets made by Jess’ Mum again (check out Maryann Talia Pau’s weaving workshops at Harvest!)

Dining area.  Giant icecream cut-out – check.  Red Planet lamp – check.  Vintage tapestry – check. Cactus – check.

Cuteness of all cuteness.  How does Jess make random clutter look THIS GOOD!?  She needs to run a class in clever clutter arrangement at Harvest.

Cute reading nook!  Another Harvest cushion, and another  oversized ice cream, of course.

Kitchen details

Kitchen details

More elegantly organised clutter.  Love the lush indoor plants too!

The cutest crafty bedroom EVER.  Artwork top left by Beci Orpin.  Pink painting by Milo!

Sweet bedroom details!  Love the hanging plant in water chestnut tin!  Cloud shaped cushion by Harvest.

Bathroom details.  You can never have too much Emily Green.
Milo’s bedroom – LOVE the ‘Gruffalo‘ (top right) made by Milo under the crafty creative direction of Dawn Tan!

CUTE details in Milo’s room.  Every little boy needs a suit jacket like that.

Courtyard garden

Entrance. Love the yellow front door!

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