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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
27th of July 2011
Pretty details in the home of actress and DIY-queen Jane Hall, aka Salvation Jane!
Jane's treasured paintings by Australian artist Rebecca Cool are 'joyful and incredibly beautiful' she says.  (She has three!)
Light filled dining area, and Jane's much loved vintage Parker dining suite - looking snazzy in hot pink upholstery!

There's a lot of buzz around at present about Salvation Jane!  This wonderfully catchy moniker is the alterego of actress, designer and DIY-queen Jane Hall!  I had the great pleasure of meeting the lovely (and rather famous) lady herself a few weeks ago and photographing her GORGEOUS home in Fitzroy.  Jane's home reflects her passion for bold colour, re-purposed vintage finds and eclectic details... it's the perfect pretty little pad for Jane and 8-yr-old Lucia!

Jane's been here nearly two years, which if you ask me, isn't very long to get a home looking this picture perfect!  Aside from having one hell of a work ethic (and not being afraid to get her hands dirty!), I reckon Jane's speedy progress is due to her tried and tested decorating motto - to salvage what you have.  Whilst she has certainly put her creative stamp on the place, Jane hasn't knocked out walls, or made expensive changes like moving plumbing or switching rooms around.  She's painted inside and out, had the floors sanded, changed lights and replaced a few windows.  Jane also designed robes for the two bedrooms and joinery for the study, and had them installed by a cabinet maker.  A little plastering and re-tiling here and there, replacement of taps, hardware and kitchen appliances.... and DIY refurb!!  Nice work Salvation Jane!  (She doesn't sit still for long!)

Jane's favourite piece of furniture is her vintage Parker dining suite. 'It was built around the time I was born' says Jane, 'classic, Australian craftsmanship that never goes out of style.'  The dining chairs are on their third round of upholstery... and WOW that hot pink is amazing!  Jane's piano also holds nostalgic significance - 'it's the one I learnt on as a girl, and now my daughter is torturing it' she says.  Jane also raves about her bed, the 'Leila' from Jardan - apparently it is 'THE best bed in the world!'

Jane also loves her local neighbourhood.  'My home and my neighbourhood are perfectly suited... eclectic, bursting with colour and culture, warm and inviting and TIGHTLY PACKED!!' I love that description - I'm sure it's something many of us can relate to.

HUGE thanks to Jane for sharing her beautiful home with us, and buying me a sandwich for lunch, and baking a CAKE!  Totally unnecessary yet greatly appreciated :)

DO make sure you pop over to Jane's lovely blog and bookmark bookmark bookmark!  (if you have a good look you'll spot a photo of ME photographing her house! Ouch!).  Jane's new venture 'Salvation Jane' is now OPEN FOR BUSINESS - it's a service that bridges the gap between high-end interior design and a styling service... Jane is all about making your home look the best it can, without ditching all your old stuff!  So if you have a home or just one room that could do with some TLC and clever design ideas, Salvation Jane is your answer!

Psst. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Jane's brand new Salvation Jane soft furnishings range.... I'll blog it very soon!

Loungeroom - rug by Loom, cute and surprisingly solid three legged table from the IKEA PS range!  Couch from Jardan.
Jane's ever expanding collection of vintage Murano glassware (on top of the piano!) shows her love of colour and collecting.
Dining room details - love the vintage Perrier poster.
Bedroom - including new 27c cushion by Jane's friend Shannon Lamden aka Aunty Cookie (another amazing multitasking Melbourne Mum!)
Details from Jane's bedroom - top left, another painting by Australian artist Rebecca Cool
...a healthy dose of IKEA (it helps when it's sitting on a Loom Rug :)
Lucia's room! Pretty in PINK!
Lucia's room (take a moment to appreciate all Jane's amazing pre-shoot vacuuming!)
Jane's study nook (in a corner of the dining room).  She was mildly horrified that I took this shot without 'styling' anything. :) ha!  I like it just how it is!
A few of Lucia's creations above Jane's desk
Kitchen details
Jane ♥'s hearts
Cute cute cute exterior.

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