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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
22nd of July 2011

A huge thank you to the team at makedo for an excellent week of Making with makedo! Be sure to bookmark their blog for more excellent makedo ideas and events. The randomly drawn winner of the FreePlay Kit for Three was Luz- congratulations and thanks again to makedo for the giveaway! Happy making! - Jenny x

One thing we’ve been adamant about since day one of makedo is that making is just one small part of the makedo experience. It is just as much about the play and sharing of fun and imagination that happens thereafter.  We think today’s final makedo project is a great example of this philosophy.

Emma and Millie (good friends of makedo) found a gorgeous way to create not just a shop front, but shelves, baskets a counter top and even doors! Once done, there was hours of retail therapy to be had…

Here’s how to make your own…

What you need? One large sheet of cardboard for the shop front and doors Several medium sized boxes for shelves, basket and other add-ons String or a tie to create basket handle makedo Freeplay Kit

Step 1: Create an upright square from the cardboard sheet and attach at edges with makedo pins and clips.

Step 2: Cut a large flap into the face of the shop front and fold down to create a counter, clip the bottom of the counter in a triangular shape back to the shop front.

Step 3: Add shelves by attaching boxes to the wall.

Step 4: Make a basket to purchase your items. Step 5: Play! We have thoroughly enjoyed showing you some of our favourite creative makedo endeavours. We hope that you make as much as you can and if you find yourself looking for more things to make, sign up for our monthly newsletter which has all kinds of making madness within it! - makedo x

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