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Making with makedo - a-MAZE-ing Maze

20th July, 2011
Jenny Butler
Wednesday 20th July 2011

As part of the State of Design Festival, makedo are creating the Marvellous Makedo Maze at Federation Square on Sunday 31st of July. This is a free family event and they would love YOU to come along and do some building, but you MUST register in advance - click here for all the details. If you can't make it along to Fed Square, then today's Guest Blog will help you make your own makedo maze at home! - Jenny x

Mazes are mysterious things, sometimes they change shape… sometimes they keep getting you lost... but sometimes, in fact all the time, they are very fun.

a-MAZE-ingly cute!

At a recent private birthday party held in inner city Melbourne, makedos Jenny Kan carefully designed and built this wonderful jungle themed maze featuring trees, creatures and boxes, oh my! It provided endless fun for children and parents alike.

We had so much fun with this maze that we decided to open the challenge to the Melbourne Design community – young and older - to help us build an even bigger maze at Fed Square as part of this year’s State of Design festival on Sunday 31st July. Book here.

But for those of you who can’t make it we want to share with you some simple steps to help you create a maze of your own at home …

What you need?
Similar sized cardboard boxes (the amount depends on the space you have!)
Freeplay Kit
Coloured craft paper

Step 1: Open up one of your cardboard boxes and connect it to a second by pulling out the side flaps and using a makedo hinge and pin to connect them at an acute angle.

This adds stability to your structure so that fast escapes through the maze can be made!

Continue to connect the boxes by overlapping the flaps and attaching them with makedo’s pins and clips.

Step 2: This next part is a bit tricky… no, we jest! Connect the boxes whatever way suits your environment! As it turns from two to twenty boxes, embellish your maze with windows…

…and towers!

Step 3: Take your craft paper and cut it into your desired foliage and using a makedo pin and clip, connect it to a side of the maze’s wall.

Step 4: Fun additions are signs and creatures to add some spice to your fun-filled labyrinth. See our gallery of creatures for inspiration!

Step 5: Play!

- makedo x

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